Sensory Overload


lips dance

along her supple curves

tongue skates

leisurely on soft skin

mountains to conquer

valleys to explore

her taste intoxicating


mi  amor

insatiable desire


nerve endings


breasts flushed

passionate hues

reaching pinnacle

arched back



brings fevered glow

to southern cheeks

stifled gasp

endearing moans

needy whimper

ever so needy

left alone

to wait


civility abandoned

animalistic cravings





pleading eyes

woeful cry

escapes pursed lips

till it is time

his member felt



slick entry

no longer two




slowly builds










sacred release

sensory overload

another death

and rebirth

with my love


[My love for you consumes me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, kat, my love.]

In Dreams

In dreams…
She exists in another place and time
Before people and circumstances changed her

In dreams…
He recalls a real time and place
When he regained power over a powerless past

In dreams…
She’s sweet sixteen again
Her life spread out endlessly before her

In dreams…
He remembers bad boy status; outcast pride
They tell him a tragic end is set in stone

In dreams…
He crashes into her life
Like waves breaking upon a rocky shore

In dreams…
His playing the field crashes into a solitary desire
And turbulent waters cast him adrift from his lonesome highway

In dreams…
She’s swept up and away
In the green ocean of his dancing eyes

In dreams…
He embraces the waves in a sensual sea
Sunlit radiant smile and her shimmering emerald eyes

In dreams…
He offers her his hand
Strong, steady, secure…knowledgeable

In dreams…
She is eager to accept his strength
While she inspires him to be the best he can be

In dreams…
Her cold fingers reach out
And are swallowed in the warmth that is him

In dreams…
He feels her cold; senses her trembling
Yet he has always been hot-blooded: and radiates

In dreams…
He pulls her up into the light
That shines in the form of his face, his body

In dreams…
He is compelled to draw her to him
Introduced to his other half for the first time

In dreams…
Her back settles against his chest
And he wraps her in the ironclad cage of his arms

In dreams…
He must embrace her; join, meld, merge
Never has he felt so complete and whole; he is home

In dreams…
She is controlled…safe
From the terrors of the outside world and herself

In dreams…
He assumes his place; takes control… protects
Slaying metaphorical dragons without, and demons within

In dreams…
She takes a different path
Than the one her feet set upon so many years ago

In dreams…
He speaks…guides…and she melts
Communication insures a future forever intertwined

In dreams…
He leads, and she follows
Into a life that was always…always, meant to be

In dreams…
He commands; she obeys
Loving dominance, loving submission;

                    love is the key to what was always meant to be…

photo from Pixabay

D/s couples and safety


Safety First:

We here at ALPHA & kat are predominantly concerned with loving couples that have chosen to try the D/s lifestyle after discovering they are already compatible in all other areas of their relationship, using it as a wonderful outlet to enhance the love and compatibility they already possess. We have found—through personal experience and contact with others—that the most satisfying D/s partnerships are those with couples that have already been together for awhile and have discovered that their personalities lean toward a D/s pairing naturally. And they enter the D/s lifestyle with the most important factor already intact: a solid foundation of love at the core of their relationship.

A solid foundation of love should always be present when deciding to enter any type of lifestyle that requires so much trust with a power exchange between the Dominant and submissive. With love as the foundation both partners realize and are concerned for the obvious physical safety issues. Unfortunately, many couples forget that physical safety is not the only concern; mental and emotional safety is just as important, and can have major repercussions to individuals, as well as the relationship.

Physical Safety:

Anyone with common sense and average intelligence, or above, can easily figure out most of the basic physical safety issues to consider, such as, but not limited to, the following:

The physical age, shape, and overall health or condition of both participants needs to be considered, and adjustments made if needed.

Like all sexual activities, with partners coming in contact with bodily fluids and every orifice, cleanliness is a primary concern: making sure bodies, sex toys and other relative accouterments are sanitary.

Always educate yourself on the proper use of any adult paraphernalia prior to using it on yourself or your D/s partner, and always begin slowly to insure the object can be tolerated before increasing levels of play (whether for penetration, binding, or punishment).

Mental/Emotional Safety:

This is a major concern for the Dominant partner, because it is their responsibility to take every factor into consideration so that they fulfill their equal responsibility of protecting their sub, instilling total trust, and helping them feel safe at all times. And that protection and safety does not just refer to the physical. Mental and emotional pain and trauma may occur if the partners do not maintain complete and open communication in their relationship. Subs that have hurts and betrayals from past relationships can often have trust issues that need to be dealt with in a very patient, understanding, and loving manner. They often experience undue stress when certain stress-related triggers are activated in present situations as a result of the past hurts. And the Dom should NEVER take them lightly. A sub can endure mental and emotional anguish and trauma at the hands of a Dom that does not consider these areas and deal with them properly.

The power exchange between a Dom and sub should always be based on love and respect. The sub willingly submits and obeys out of their love for the Dom, and the Dom equally controls and fulfills the wants and needs of the sub out of love. Therefore, a Dom that has to force a sub is nothing but a wannabe who gets off on a power fetish (and might as well go to S&M where they would fit in better). A true Dom in the D/s lifestyle loves and respects their sub, and is always concerned for their safety in all areas. And it is imperative for both Dom and sub to be completely open with each other so that all possible issues can be dealt with prior to any problems arising.

Grounded in a background of psychology and years of experience in the D/s lifestyle, kat and I continually urge couples to be sure of their love and compatibility with each other before getting into this lifestyle. Trust, respect, and open communication found in loving and compatible relationships are essential in lifestyles like this where a power exchange takes place. 


Safe Words:

Most people have heard of the practice of using safe words in any activity where pain or discomfort may go beyond the comfort or tolerance levels. And this is especially true in D/s couplings that participate in B&D at any level (but even more so with the use of gags).

Remember a few basic rules when choosing your safe word: select only one safe word to be used throughout your life together (so you don’t run into the problem of asking yourself which one is it today at the time of crisis); make sure it is a word that both partners can easily remember; and make sure it is a word far-removed from all D/s and sexual activity so that it will quickly draw attention when spoken (such as Hopscotch, pickles, or puppies).

Gag Safety:

For any couple using gags, safe-wording should be done in a different fashion, for obvious reasons: the mouth is obstructed. There are couples that still try to use mumbled words, or even complex methods like eye-blinking Morse code (often S.O.S); but the simplest and clearest methods are always better. After all, choking can happen quickly in certain situations and you want to respond as quickly as possible to alleviate discomfort or possible harm.  Three common methods that work good are as follows:

Place a noisy object in the sub’s hand to be shaken, dropped, squeezed, or tossed (for instance a bell, jingle bells, or a squeaky toy).

Have the sub snap their fingers rapidly: works best with both hands, but one is still good for those people that cannot snap with both hands.

The sub can also “tap out” with the same move you see martial artists and wrestlers use when pinned on the mat.

[Depending upon which method you choose, be sure to consider it when putting the sub into position, because certain positions will stop safe-methods from being effective; for instance, it’s hard to tap out if they have their arms bound behind them while lying on their backs.]

Open Communication:

Compatible couples with unconditional love do well in D/s because they already have a strong belief in open communication. Open communication is not an option in any lifestyle requiring so much trust and a power exchange between the partners. And as long as the couple remembers how important communication is then their journey in the D/s lifestyle will be safe and will enhance their loving relationship with increased closeness, trust, and many pleasurable rewards.


No Need For Words

[This is dedicated with unconditional love to kat: my soul-mate, my best friend, my confidante, my creative partner and muse, and my adventurous, playful, and sexy adorable sub.]

We are writers, you and I
but we have no need for words to confirm our love
We have confirmation in every movement
and each mannerism
We do not move to depart
but to get closer… close enough to touch
And unlike others who smile at the appropriate times
we appear to have perpetual smiles
Forever smiling
“Smiling at nothing” some would say
But you and I know better… the Truth
Whether alone or in a crowd
every thought we have of each other;
me of you… and you of me
arouse the smiles that never leave
And what do we learn from the eyes that beam?
Mine like the Alpha wolf
bright in the night… ready to bay at the moon
A midnight howl – before an all night prowl
in and around, up and down
every curve, hill, and valley of his loving mate
And yours; the glistening green cat-eyes
so alive at the point of spotted prey –
ready to pounce…
a playful pounce upon your lover
Your Alpha… whose prowling your body
has aroused it well
And such loving eyes rarely blink;
with strong contact – focused
taking each other in
never wanting to miss a single moment with their mate
When eyes beam… cheeks glow,
red – inflamed – bright;
burning with the fever of love
And how many times have we taken
large, deep, savoring breaths?
Satisfying sighs after satisfying thoughts
How often do we succumb to yearning looks?
And do you often lick your lips as I do mine?
Or unconsciously part our lips,
as if in preparation
for a kiss… a lick… a nibble?
Or an outright bite?
Have you felt a new bounce in your step, baby?
I’ve definitely felt one in mine – as if walking on air;
speeding my journey towards you
Our bodies act like a magnet or compass,
leaning, pulling, pointing to each other
And touching has become a necessity –
an addiction – an obsession
From gentle caresses to passionate play
Or quiet times with your head in my lap
or mine on your sexy bottom
Or cheek-to-cheek
or spooning
Naked or otherwise
Neither of us can walk by
or pass the other
without reaching out
and making contact
A loving reassuring touch
And I love how you prefer the best seat in the house;
sitting on my lap,
leaning against my chest,
resting your head on my shoulder
Even in public we always sit side-by-side,
touching leg-to-leg;
close enough to hear each other breathe,
to feel every vibration
when your body makes the slightest move
And we become intoxicated
with pheromones – in each other’s essence
Each of our senses keenly attune
to each other
So familiar
You – so like me
Me – so like you
Perfect compatibility
All evidence of two… forever gone
Now and forever
we are one
Yes; confirmed with our bodies,
with our body language,
our mannerisms:
without words

But we are both writers,
saving our words
for another time

Session 101

WARNING: mature subject matter

“If you want Daddy to make you feel good, you know what you have to do, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Kat murmured, eyes downcast in loving submission as she knelt before him.

“Say it,” he commanded. “Tell me what you have to do.”

“I have to…to…” Kat’s face flushed with embarrassment. This was all so new to her, but she wanted to please her new love. And he had said that her obedience pleased him.

His fingers tangled in her hair. “Say it.” Continue reading “Session 101”