No Need For Words

[This is dedicated with unconditional love to kat: my soul-mate, my best friend, my confidante, my creative partner and muse, and my adventurous, playful, and sexy adorable sub.]

We are writers, you and I
but we have no need for words to confirm our love
We have confirmation in every movement
and each mannerism
We do not move to depart
but to get closer… close enough to touch
And unlike others who smile at the appropriate times
we appear to have perpetual smiles
Forever smiling
“Smiling at nothing” some would say
But you and I know better… the Truth
Whether alone or in a crowd
every thought we have of each other;
me of you… and you of me
arouse the smiles that never leave
And what do we learn from the eyes that beam?
Mine like the Alpha wolf
bright in the night… ready to bay at the moon
A midnight howl – before an all night prowl
in and around, up and down
every curve, hill, and valley of his loving mate
And yours; the glistening green cat-eyes
so alive at the point of spotted prey –
ready to pounce…
a playful pounce upon your lover
Your Alpha… whose prowling your body
has aroused it well
And such loving eyes rarely blink;
with strong contact – focused
taking each other in
never wanting to miss a single moment with their mate
When eyes beam… cheeks glow,
red – inflamed – bright;
burning with the fever of love
And how many times have we taken
large, deep, savoring breaths?
Satisfying sighs after satisfying thoughts
How often do we succumb to yearning looks?
And do you often lick your lips as I do mine?
Or unconsciously part our lips,
as if in preparation
for a kiss… a lick… a nibble?
Or an outright bite?
Have you felt a new bounce in your step, baby?
I’ve definitely felt one in mine – as if walking on air;
speeding my journey towards you
Our bodies act like a magnet or compass,
leaning, pulling, pointing to each other
And touching has become a necessity –
an addiction – an obsession
From gentle caresses to passionate play
Or quiet times with your head in my lap
or mine on your sexy bottom
Or cheek-to-cheek
or spooning
Naked or otherwise
Neither of us can walk by
or pass the other
without reaching out
and making contact
A loving reassuring touch
And I love how you prefer the best seat in the house;
sitting on my lap,
leaning against my chest,
resting your head on my shoulder
Even in public we always sit side-by-side,
touching leg-to-leg;
close enough to hear each other breathe,
to feel every vibration
when your body makes the slightest move
And we become intoxicated
with pheromones – in each other’s essence
Each of our senses keenly attune
to each other
So familiar
You – so like me
Me – so like you
Perfect compatibility
All evidence of two… forever gone
Now and forever
we are one
Yes; confirmed with our bodies,
with our body language,
our mannerisms:
without words

But we are both writers,
saving our words
for another time

10 thoughts on “No Need For Words

    1. Hey JW, what a nice thing to say. And we are trying to do it from the loving and compatibility perspective. And we are trying to show it’s a true partnership: a chosen dynamic. And we’re glad you’re going to stick around. We love as much input as possible.


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