Lookout for Ms. Bitchy: a poetic fable

A note I did leave for Kat to receive
To Lookout Point she was commanded to go
She was to prepare love holes and hair
Lube it, plug it, and shave down below

Silky panties in place, big smile on her face
The rest of her outfit she did don
To her car she went, lustful and hell-bent
An eager little beaver needing to be pounced upon


With foot she pushed pedal right down to the metal
And arrived too soon at the chosen rendezvous
Half-hour till dark, she still chose to park
Commands from the note she still had to do

Blindfold to place, and binds to lace
She loved being her Daddy’s most obedient sub
Fulfilling the task at hand she wishes for cheeks tanned
Aroused by her plug and its pleasuring rub

But her early arrival sparks need for survival
When drifters in the shadows see Kat start to prepare
When opportunity knocks they think with their cocks
And the drunkest says, “I got dibs on her underwear.”

All five of them grinning with rotgut thoughts of sinning
It’s been years since any of them had any trim
They stumble and plod toward Kat’s hopped-up rod
Hoping for BJ’s and a hot, tight little quim


Kat failed to see the walking misery
While considering Daddy’s list of things to do
But to the drifters’ dismay, their approach given away
As they burped and farted their ninety-proof fuel

When Kat’s innocent sniff caught the putrefied whiff
She knew trouble came without an invitation
Daddy would soon arrive, but she had to survive
And that meant action without hesitation

Kat tried a retreat to the driver’s seat
While calling for help at the top of her voice
At the moment she did sit, a filthy hand grabbed for her tit
And she knew she had no other choice


At times she is classy, at other times sassy
But on rare occasions she just has to let Ms. Bitchy loose
Like Jekyll and Hyde, a transformation must abide
When dickheads fuck with her it’s time to cook their goose

She pulled out her mace and sprayed the grabber’s face
Then back-fisted his nose just to see his blood splatter
She turned in the seat and kicked with both feet
Convincing the SOB she was crazier than the Mad Hatter

He fell to the ground with a sickening sound
It felt like she punted his nuts clear up to his throat
But Ms. Bitchy wasn’t done; it was gettin’ to be fun
So she swung her purse at his head, and that’s all she wrote

The drifters now leaderless, they acted quite peter-less
Four pussies that started to caterwaul
But Ms. Bitchy bid them come, and they were drunk and dumb
And didn’t see the proverbial writing on the wall

Drunken number two did not have a clue
He just kept coming forward, while reachin’
So he tasted her mace, then got scratched ‘cross the face
Then a kick to his knee cap left him bawlin’ and screechin’

Number three drunk stunk worse than a skunk
This gave away his ambush from the rear
Ms. Bitchy’s concealed gun was grabbed as she spun
And she taught the dumb bastard the meaning of fear


She shoved the nine-mil through his lips for a thrill
Split lips and broke teeth as it cleared a straight path
He sputtered and gagged and spit lots of blood
And wished to repent and stave-off Ms. Bitchy’s wrath

Her trigger finger now itchin’, the nerves in it were twitchin’
She wanted to rid the world of this felonious fool
But a small part of her inside still wanted to abide
By her folks’ teachings about the Golden Rule

She let the weasel free after his sudden urge to pee
The disgust upon her face was evident
And as he kissed the ground there came another sound
One that Ms. Bitchy thought was heaven-sent

On a modern metal horse, on the most direct course
Her Alpha came chargin’ on his Harley sounding like thunder
The last two drunks, no better than punks
Had premonitions of waking up six-feet under

They chose to beat-feet in a hasty retreat
But they could not outrun the Mad Wolf ridin’ a hog
With no thoughts to coddle he twisted the throttle
And ran over their asses, leavin’ them bloodied and dazed in a fog

No more threat in the air, her protector now there
Ms. Bitchy transformed back to obedient Kat
Exhibiting her charms she jumped in Daddy’s arms
Wrapped her legs around his waist and that-was-that


While giving him a hug she remembered the plug
And whispered her urgent needs in Daddy’s ear
Off they did go, home to complete the show
Ending with multiple orgasms while Daddy fucked her rear

Ms. Bitchy has her place, but not in Daddy’s face,
Kat treasures her position under Daddy’s lovin’ but firm rule
So Ms. Bitchy stays out of sight till a circumstance with fright
Allows her loose with Daddy’s blessing, with a fuckin’ adrenaline rush that’s cool

The moral of the story is, if you’ve got an urge to shoot your jizz
Jack-off and whack-off or go pay a whore
Cuz’ Kat loves only Daddy, and Daddy only loves Kat
And Ms. Bitchy and Alpha will leave anyone uninvited bloody and sore
(the ever lovin’ end)

8 thoughts on “Lookout for Ms. Bitchy: a poetic fable

  1. I like Ms. Bitchy … a strong woman who bows to no one but her stronger Alpha/Daddy.
    Well done, my love. Your poetic fable had me grinning from ear to ear. 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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