I Belong

For Alpha, my forever love

I belong to you … only you
before I was born …
before you were born
before God created the universe
I belonged to you

before fate cast us together
there were others—duplicitous boys
who failed to measure up
not man enough to own my body,
nor my heart, nor my soul

for years I floundered … adrift
a ship in search of safe haven
unknown and uncharted
a woman in search of her man
a sub in search of her Dom

my mind mocked the yearning,
the unrealized, half-realized dreams
of the innocent I once had been
its voice of rationality marking them false
and I crashed upon a desolate shore

that is where you found me, my Alpha
and breathed life into my spirit,
forever love into my heart,
shameless craving into my body,
and calmness into my troubled soul

now I belong to you … only you
until the day I die …
until the day you die
until the end of all time
I belong to you

Photo from Pixabay 

17 thoughts on “I Belong

  1. Kat, my love, all my experience and preconceived notions regarding the height, depth, and width of love became null and void the moment you gave yourself to me, and I felt true unconditional love for the first time.

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    1. And it was the same for me … you are the soulmate I had dreamed of, but thought I’d never find. You are my life. You are home. I will love you forever, my Alpha. ❤️

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  2. This is beautiful. It is so wonderful to find the person with which one belongs. When I met my husband I felt a great sense of emotional safety. He was and is my safe haven. I’m glad you have found the same in your Alpha.

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    1. And I am glad you have found your safe haven, Beth. Emotional safety is so important, knowing that your mate accepts and loves you just the way you are, is always there for you, and will never let you down.

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