Sassy Lass

[Mature content warning!]


Most of the time kat’s a loveable lassie

But now and then she gets a little sassy

Her disobedient disrespect

Causes demerits to collect

And a need to plug holes in her sexy chassis


She must kneel before me with proper intent

Willing to be punished…willing to repent

Water-based lube and a butt plug

Loving arousal her sole drug

Showing her commitment to be obedient


Her sassy mouth is plugged by my throbbing cock

Lickin’ and suckin’ while the hands go tick-tock

Take her time and do it right

Even if it takes all night

No time limit for pleasure, so throw out the clock


There’s whippin’ and spankin’ the cheeks of her ass

But she knows that this pain will easily pass

Passing from pain to pleasure

Time with Daddy to treasure

When both emotions and arousal amass


When out comes the plug she is fucked in the rear

Not gentle, not loving, but fucked with no fear

Her screams are for more

Multiple-orgasms galore

Then back to a “good girl” cuddling Daddy so near


12 thoughts on “Sassy Lass

    1. When kat’s a good girl she gets lots of rewards (and she’s very good at being bad). And I hear Santa has a naughty and nice list too. Good luck with that. — AJT

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