The Offering

[Mature content warning!]


Without command

Completely voluntary

Submitting out of love

Obedience out of respect

Adoration out of reverence

Shared loyalty bred from His

Distrust from past relations dissolved

Trust hard-won

Earned with actions true to words

Entirely free for the first time in her life

The result of His control—



Her self-image enhanced




Seeing herself through His eyes

She wishes to please Him

Desires to pleasure Him

Yearns to touch Him deeply

As He does her—to her core

She does so through willing submission

Through loving obedience

Through reverent kneeling

Eyes downcast

Often bowing

Offering the only thing He desires—her

All of her


She eagerly complies

Passions aroused

Inflamed with anticipation

Heartbeat racing

Licks lips to combat dry mouth

No such problem between her legs

Naturally lubed and lusting

Orgasmically odoriferous

Imagining the outcome she desires

To bear His marks upon bare skin

Making up for mishaps and misdeeds?


Predominantly for pride—

Pride of ownership

His over her

Belonging to no other

Craving His signature upon her flesh

Written in pleasure and pain

Thus, she kneels once more

Offering herself to Him

Her Alpha—her Master—her Daddy

And she raises a hand

With yet another offering—

A token as always—

An implement—

This one made of leather—

To deliver the marks she’ll proudly bear


There is no better love

than that which is unconditional

and given freely

9 thoughts on “The Offering

  1. You know me so well, my love … it’s as if you reached into my heart and pulled out the words. I am yours. I was yours the moment we met, before I even realized I was yours, and will be yours until the last breath leaves my body. I kneel only to you, Daddy. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel as if I know you as well as myself, and yet, each day I still marvel at the mystery that is you… still to be unraveled… and I’m inspired by the journey we continue to share, baby.

      Liked by 1 person

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