Perks of Misbehaving

Some may call it odd, but Kat thought it befitting that her face is mere inches from the mood calendar Alpha, her Dom Daddy, attached to the wall of the master bedroom.

Originally done as a humorous gag, Alpha created it soon after they moved in together. He paired erotic photos of Kat with photos of cats in similar poses or portraying similar personality traits: a pair of photos for each month. And he titled the calendar Soft Paws and Claws. But it has since gone from gag gift to mood calendar with a daily record of her mood swings exhibited with both cute and cuddly cat stickers or feisty feline stickers, with bared teeth and claws, to point out days Kat is a good girl entitled to loving rewards, or a bad girl deserving of lust and lashes.

All men and honest women admit females are far more emotional than their gender counterparts. And Kat’s no exception to that particular feminine fact. Besides, it would be a little hard for her to deny—at the present moment—with the evidence literally staring her in the face.

A quick glance at the calendar shows a very distinct pattern: every 6-to-8 days the string of good girl days is interrupted with a bad girl day.

Today is one of those days: precisely why Kat is in her present position.

The cares of daily life, along with the always enjoyable but less demanding and somewhat predictable “good girl” rewards eventually grate on Kat’s inner wild child until she can no longer muzzle her sassy side.

Truthfully, she willfully removes the proverbial muzzle. A fact she’s confessed to Alpha on several occasions. She is not the type of sub that politely asks her Daddy for the spanking and rough sex she craves when she’s in dire need of a certain cathartic release. Instead, she intentionally misbehaves, knowing her Daddy will only allow so much before the punishment—intermingled with sex, sex, and more sex—begins.

So Kat, pinned against the wall by Alpha’s left arm, with its hand gripping a fistful of her hair, stares at the calendar as she feels the arousing sting of his right hand alternately spanking her ass cheeks long and hard, before roughly being shoved into her panties from behind, where two fingers soon penetrate deep into her wet pussy—hot with desire.

A fleeting smile arises as she notices the empty square on the calendar where she will have to place a “bad girl” sticker. But before that occurs she will be pushed to her limits of pleasure and pain: with every orifice filled and refilled. And she will bear her Daddy’s marks upon her flesh. And she will remind herself, as her Daddy’s spent cock slips from her ass while still embracing her from behind, “misbehaving definitely has its perks.”


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