Alpha’s Dietary Supplement

[Warning: Mature Content]


Should I be considered a perverted gent

for liking a dietary supplement

that isn’t sold over the counter?

I just happen to be very keen

on a nourishing treat called pussy protein

and take my fill before I mount her.


Flat on her back or riding my face

I extract her elixir with tongue-and-cheek grace

and make sure she whimpers and moans with delight.

Very supportive she helps with my need

enduring orgasms while on her pussy I feed

she even asks if I want a second helping, how polite.


Between my lover’s legs I love to dine

the texture and taste are truly sublime

and it improves my quality of life.

Good for my taste buds and good for my body

a soothing sensation like a succulent hot toddy

and a satisfied wife means goodbye to strife.


I prolong the arousal to increase the tasty fare

and hog all the protein, but the pleasure I share

cuz’ I know my sub has her own protein treat.

She gives and I take, then inject mine into her

with three pleasure ports, we often mix and stir

slick, warm, and salty, but always emotionally sweet.


So if you’re feeling poorly or your relationship is dull

I recommend pussy protein daily; it’s the only way to go!

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