Stone Cold Revenge Pt.3

[Warning: Mature Content]

[Stone Cold Revenge, done in three parts, is the sequel to kat’s Norma the Bitch.]


Norma had no idea how long she’d been out, or even if she had been. There was no concept of time in this world, or realm, or dimension, or whatever it was. All she knew was that the lodge interior had changed.

The cauldron and fire were gone, along with the circle and burning embers. Light came from dozens of torches circling the two slabs, which obstructed Norma’s view of anything outside the circle.

Bound by her wrists, she stood at the foot of one of the slabs, facing it. The other slab still held a body covered by animal skins. The medicine man stood at the head of the slabs, between the two. And, though she couldn’t see Squinch, she felt his presence behind her.

Squinch grabbed a fistful of Norma’s hair, pulled her head back, and brought his mouth close to her ear. She smelled his earthy aroma, and felt his parched and musty breath.

“You have much to answer for, bitch.”

Despite his zombie appearance, his strength and commanding presence re-ignited the passion within Norma. She sensed his strength had grown, and her body reacted: nipples became erect, and she grew damp between her thighs.

“I know that smell,” said Squinch as he reached around her. Half bone and half flesh, his hand firmly gripped her crotch, forcing the thin fabric of dress and panties within the folds of her vaginal lips.

Far from repulsed, Norma loved it and pressed her pelvis forward into his greedy hand, while pressing back against his chest, feeling his exposed ribs against her back.

Without a shred of tenderness, Squinch manhandled her pussy while continuing to grip her hair until she was writhing, sopping wet, and thinking of nothing but the pleasurable sensations coursing through her.

“Not yet,” said Squinch, releasing his grip and stepping back.

“No,” said Norma. “Don’t stop!”

She didn’t need to worry. One look in his eyes told her he would never stop—ever. It was the look of confidence, of being in control, of being the dominant. It was the look of ownership.

“First, you need to learn your place,” said Squinch. “And all your actions have consequences, even if some are late in coming.”

Once more logic told Norma she should be afraid, but she was so fucking turned on, more than she’d ever been, that she simply oozed arousal at the anticipation of what was to come. She knew she would be taken, used, that her body was to be the vessel to satisfy the years of frustration Squinch endured. That there would be pain and pleasure like she’d never imagined—and she craved it all.

“Remove her clothes,” said Squinch as he stepped towards the other slab.

Norma couldn’t tell who Squinch had spoken to. The medicine man remained still. She could tell there were many shapes outside the circle, but she couldn’t distinguish any because of the glare of the torches, that is, until three floated forward—Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Without the ancient wisdom of Konywickwick, and not possessing a talisman like Squinch, the pussy-whipped trio remained spirits, but visible, taxing their ectoplasm to the max for this rare opportunity. Yet they continued to flicker like a bulb about to burn out—reflecting their pitiful personalities—weak in life, weak in death.

“Oh, hell no!” said Norma, finally realizing who they were, since she’d gotten rid of everything of theirs except their bank accounts. “You worthless curs aren’t touching me.”

“Ain’t up to you, prissy missy,” said Huey.

“We’ve been promised,” said Dewey.

Louie just giggled like a pervert about to partake of his perversion.

“Dammit, Squinch!” said Norma. “I know I said ‘anything,’ but I never thought you could be this cruel.”

Squinch ignored her, and continued his preparation with the medicine man’s help.

Norma’s attention was drawn away from Squinch. It felt like three small gusts of wind hitting her simultaneously, all from different directions, each making intimate contact. And the revulsion magnified when she turned to discover the trio touching her. Huey was between her breasts, Louie pressed against her crotch, and Dewey was stuck to her ass like a sucker fish preparing to give her an enema.

A verbal barrage erupted that sounded like a downtown ‘ho’ and three chicken boys squabbling over prime real estate to ply their perverted trade, and what they’d do to each other to keep it. But the one-upmanship took attention away from the task and the one who commanded them—until it was too late.

“Y’all shut the fuck up!” said Squinch, charging toward them.

“Oops, you’ve done it now, bitch,” said Huey.

“Bite me,” said Norma.

Huey and Dewey both obliged…one on the tit, one on the ass.


“Grovel cretins!” said Squinch as he swatted the trio out of his way, and grabbed a fistful of Norma’s hair. “You never could keep your mouth shut, bitch… unless something was in it.” He shoved his hand under her dress, ripped her panties free, and stuffed them in her mouth, making sure the moist gusset lay upon her tongue.

“B-But you p-promised,” said Huey, looking up from his prone position.

“Yeah,” said Dewey.

“Yeah…uh huh…uh huh…yeah,” said Louie.

“I told you to strip her,” said Squinch. “And you dickless deadheads get in a bitch session with a bitch; so if you don’t fulfill your part, why should I?”

“That ain’t fair!” said Huey.

“Actually it is uh huh…uh huh it is,” said Louie.

“Oh, shut up!” said Huey.

“But we helped prepare,” said Dewey.

“And for that I’m allowing you to stay and watch,” said Squinch. “But try my patience once more and you’ll share the rat-dog’s fate.”

“Oh, shit!”

“We’ll be good.”

“Good…uh huh…uh huh…very good.”

Norma spit out the panties and said, “What did you do to my snookie-poo?”

“You should be more concerned about what’s going to happen to you.”

“I demand you…”

Squinch grabbed her again, and yanked her head back till it felt like it would wrench her neck.

“I… and I alone… demand,” said Squinch. “You simply do what you’re told.”

Before she could reply, or even decide if she should, she felt his steely hands rip and tear away her clothing. He shoved the panties back into her mouth, and left her tattered and exposed to the gawking eyes of those she could see and those she couldn’t, as he marched back to the other slab and spoke quietly to the medicine man.

Norma couldn’t believe the mixed feelings churning within her. Part of her wanted to go back to hating Squinch for whatever he’d done to her precious pooch. Part of her wanted to wake-up from this cockamamie nightmare because she was emotionally exhausted. But the biggest part still wanted the dream of her life to come true—to be ravished beyond compare, find the ultimate level of subspace, and be utterly destroyed by wanton lust.

Squinch simply wanted the interruptions to cease, have everything run smoothly, and shoot the wad he’d waited three fucking years in total frustration to fire. And once he started collecting he had no intention of ever stopping. And the ancient one was seeing to that little task.

Konywickwick completed painting symbols on Squinch’s face and body, and began to chant as Squinch climbed atop the covered body on the slab—lying on his back with arms folded across his chest.

The drums began to pound, the torch fires flickered and changed back to the mysterious blue flames, and the medicine man shook the rattle along Squinch’s body—from head to foot, and back again.

A deep blue aura began to radiate around Squinch’s corpse.

Konywickwick continued to chant as he moved behind Norma. A tribal version of the cat’o’nine-tails materialized on the slab directly in front of her, which the ancient one retrieved.

Norma’s eyes opened wide, she shook her head frantically, and tried to voice her reservations—but with panties in her mouth all she could do was mumble.

“Think of your love and lust,” said the medicine man, and he began to flog her with a skill that literally took Norma’s breath, and objections, away. For it was a skill that can only be mastered with thousands of whippings over hundreds of years of existence; and every strike, from first to last, brought the radiant pain of pure pleasure. And she experienced her first impact orgasm, and others followed, till she was utterly spent, striped, and sopping wet.

Konywickwick tossed the whip on the slab, used his rattle to collect a large sample of her cum dripping down her inner thighs, and moved back beside Squinch, who was still glowing. And he began to chant while shaking the rattle over the body, paying particular attention to the head, heart, and crotch. And each time Norma’s passion discharge made contact it crackled and sizzled, the aura grew brighter, and the body began to undulate.

Moments later the zombie-fied corpse began to de-materialize and sink below the animal skins. And the body beneath began to move and quickly cast the skins asunder.

“Humping hellhounds!” said Huey. “I never believed it was possible.”

Recovering some of her strength, Norma turned her head and couldn’t believe her eyes. Squinch’s glowing body could be seen de-materializing within a large form—but the form was that of the missing statue, Adonis, the Greek god of beauty and desire.

Oh shit! thought Norma. Please, please, please don’t be a figment of my imagination.

As Squinch merged with the statuesque form it took on the abilities of a human body, but retained the marble look, and the flesh remained cold to the touch—for Squinch was reanimated, but still dead. A choice he made when selecting the body, cuz’ he never wanted to die again, and yet, he could forever function in both worlds—forever damned, but dominant.

Norma’s pussy and ass contracted as she watched Squinch rise in Herculean splendor and move behind her. She tried to raise her torso from the slab, where she’d lain since the flogging, but a cold vice-like grip on her neck pushed her back down.

“Get use to this position, bitch,” said Squinch. “You’re going to have an eternity of it.”

Dreams really do come true, thought Norma. She had long ago realized that fantasy without fear could not arouse her, and one look at the stone cold cock between the legs of the man who desired to punish her for years of degradation and frustration guaranteed her an eternity of pleasure-filled pain through fearsome fornication. Something she would gladly submit to.

So it began, without word or warning, with a deep penetration that continued to pound and pound and pound her into sweet submission and pain-filled orgasmic bliss.

Huey and Dewey were never allowed to touch, but were allowed to lap up any cum off the ground. And if they got bored they could always watch the rat-dog getting abused in every conceivable way by Konywickwick’s herd of hellcats.

As for Louie, his dream came true; he pissed off Squinch once too often so he was pissed on for the rest of eternity.

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11 thoughts on “Stone Cold Revenge Pt.3

  1. “Stuck to her ass like a sucker fish trying to give her an enema,” — what a turn of the phrase, and such a unique visual comes to mind. This was both funny and entertaining, and definitely worth the read. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Jamie. And Kat and I love to do fiction pieces when time allows, so you can be sure of more in the future.


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