A Dom’s sub word summary

Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear, there is nothing sub-standard about my sub.

There is no subjugation, no force of arms; she is strong-willed, intelligent, and willingly submits to me (and no other) out of love.

What we have is truly sublime from the sub-atomic level to the stratosphere of orgasmic bliss.

When I subdue her it is to fulfill her wants and needs, subjecting her to the pleasure, pain, and control she craves.

Her submission to my dominance relinquishes her responsibility into my hands to keep her protected and safe; her subservience fulfills her personality’s need to be supportive, and her subordination gives her the power of freedom to accept and enjoy her heart’s desires.

She is the sole object of my affection, and the subject of my thoughts—conscious and sub-conscious—the substance of my dreams, and I subsist and am nourished by her unconditional love for me.

For those who subscribe to the intellectually subterranean view, and wish to subvert our D/s lifestyle, or attempt to subdivide our Dominant-submissive partnership for societal substitutes, I will gladly submarine you with extreme prejudice—quite possibly with a sub-cranial wound—and permanently subtract you from every equation to do with our lives.

And I will subsequently submerge between my submissive’s thighs for a little D/s reward.


6 thoughts on “A Dom’s sub word summary

  1. No way can I match Your play on words, Daddy ☺️ …
    I’ll just say how much I enjoyed this piece, and how much I admire your creative talent. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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