Freaky Foursome

Ben and Bob Bell are brothers quite close

If truth be known they’re much closer than most

Ben is the elder—by two minutes is all

But he hasn’t ever led, cuz’ he’s a half-size too small


Ben’s five-foot and six inches, while Bob’s six-foot and five

And natural law states the Alpha is the one best able to survive

Ben don’t think much neither, his IQ is 10-points south of fool

While Bob is north of genius, a bona fide intellectual


Normally, Ben would be nothing but prey in this dog-eat-dog world

But anyone try that with Ben is picked up by Bob and hurled

And everywhere Bob goes Ben has always gone as well

From must to willing he follows Bob, most likely straight to hell


Ya’ see Bob holds a grudge for what Life saddled them with

Forced to live a life most people think is just a myth

From first breath until now, and probably till the grave

They’ve never known joy or peace, or satisfaction for what they crave


So Life’s many payments of pain Bob decided to reimburse

But Life has a way of changing things, not always from bad to worse

Bob discovered a path to the D/s world, and led his brother Ben

The way Life’s mistreated them, they were ready-made for sin


Known as the Mutt and Jeff of BDSM: Master and brotherly knave

Tag-teaming the kinkiest freaks: owning each willing slave

Their monster reputation, outcasts on society’s fringe

Drew a cult-like following of subs craving a unique slave binge


When they reached the pinnacle in the darkest outermost kink

Contentment still eluded them, their lives continued to stink

And just before their minds became totally deranged

Something unexpected occurred that brought a welcomed change


Betty and Bella came to the Bell Brother’s dungeon

Seeking a Master eager to punish and plunge-in

They hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst

For these sisters, like the brothers, had been born totally cursed


It was lust at first sight, and they liked each other too

Betty was the brainy one, and Bella, like Ben, the fool

Brothers paired with the slave sisters into a freaky foursome

With Bob still the Master, making his slaves and whores cum


Within a week of meeting the couples agreed to wed

The four of them together, forever in one bed

Brother twins, sister twins, both pairs from birth conjoined

Now paired with their soul-mates, their hearts willingly purloined


Who better to be together and get their kinky freak on…

than this freaky foursome that has lived through hell and gone?

4 thoughts on “Freaky Foursome

  1. The deeper message rings clear in this; how they must find contentment in the world of BDSM with other “freaks” because so-called normal society call them “freaks” and “monsters.” Good post!

    Liked by 2 people

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