Mother’s Milk

[Just a humorous lyric to usher in the Mother’s Day weekend.]


The best thing in life isn’t money

The best thing in life isn’t silk

Not rubies or diamonds, emeralds or pearls

It’s just old-fashioned Mother’s Milk


Nine months of life and then out pops man

Then spends all of his life trying to get back in

He soon finds out only part of him still fits

Leaving hands and mouth to roam about the tits


Mother’s Milk! Mother’s Milk! Just as sweet as it can be

Even though it’s been many years since last tasting this memory

Mother’s Milk! Mother’s Milk! There’s no need for concern

For although there’s no milk today, the nipples are still quite firm


The breasts that you were weaned on

Are no longer yours to share

Think of the public image

And how people would stare


So you must get your own sweet wife

And quickly make her a mother

And when the baby sucks on one

You simply suck the other


Mother’s Milk! Mother’s Milk! With minerals, proteins, and such

And even if moms don’t drink a lot, they sure enjoy the touch

Mother’s Milk! Mother’s Milk! Life giving sustenance

And even when your spouse runs dry, keep sucking, it helps romance


Mother’s Milk! Mother’s Milk! The best thing in the land

And it won’t take much to get satisfaction from your man

Mother’s Milk! Mother’s Milk! For in romance it seems

That when Daddy takes Mother’s Milk, Mother takes Daddy’s cream

14 thoughts on “Mother’s Milk

  1. Milk for cream…sounds like a fair trade to me. 😁
    I really enjoyed this, Daddy; it’s a refreshing change of pace from the usual Mother’s Day poetic offerings. ♥️

    Liked by 2 people

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