DOMINANT Perspective

Do not fear my power, control, and authority over you, for I do not demand or take it by force; I earn your voluntary and willing submission by accepting the responsibility of fulfilling your wants and needs while keeping you protected and safe.

Our relationship dynamic, though D/s in nature, will never be like any other relationship, for it will be based solely on us individually and as a couple, and built on our solid foundation of unconditional love, along with respect, trust, honesty, compatibility, and open communication.

Mastering you does not mean lord it over you like a bully or dictator, it means masterfully utilizing a complete knowledge of you physically, mentally, and emotionally to insure the happiest and most fulfilled life we can possibly have together.

I will always take my position as Dominant seriously; I willingly take the responsibility for you and authority over you, and will always place you—and us as a couple—above my own needs and desires.

Never feel that you are below me, for you are an equal partner in our D/s relationship; we compliment and serve each other in our respective roles.

Always remember that your loving submission is the catalyst to inspire my desire to be the best Dom that I can be in order to fulfill your wants and needs, while keeping you protected and safe.

Non-D/s relationships fail in comparison to the D/s dynamic primarily because of the amount of communication necessary to maintain the relationship and the complete level of trust attained when done properly.

Trust, respect, and communication are definitely the keys to a successful D/s relationship when built on a solid foundation of love; so throw away your doubts and dive in, as your loving Dominant I will never let you fall.


[kat’s submissive perspective here]

Kat’s 1st Punishment

[Episode Two in the Alpha & kat Fantasy Series]


At the conclusion of Episode One you will recall that Kat and I had yet to deal with a serious issue, our first disagreement caused by Kat’s inappropriate behavior. She knew she was in the wrong and made an effort to get back on my good side. But that pleasurable apology did nothing to dissuade her from engaging in the same behavior in the future. Negative actions need a negative consequence. A sub needs to know what will happen when she disobeys and disrespects her Dom.

I climbed back into my jeans after the apologetic romp initiated by Kat trying to get back on my good side. And she slowly began to rise from her position, where I bent her over the dining table for my pleasure. But when she started to walk back through the kitchen I stopped her. Continue reading “Kat’s 1st Punishment”

Fantasy Fulfillment and the Green-Eyed Monster


As stipulated many times before, this blog is written primarily for loving couples in D/s relationships, or others who desire such relationships. While we accept the right of others to live as they choose, we write from the perspective of keeping romantic pairings strong. And we stress couples having a loving foundation above all else, along with communication, compatibility, respect, trust, honesty, and other positive relationship attributes—and then using D/s to enhance the relationship that’s built on a solid foundation. Continue reading “Fantasy Fulfillment and the Green-Eyed Monster”

Kat’s surprise (Part 2)

[Alpha & kat’s fantasy series: Episode One (Part 2)]


The dance went from sexy to downright horny as hell. And I felt my body become feverish with passion for my sexy mate, especially when she turned back to face me and slowly, but deliberately, slipped a finger into her inviting pussy, played with herself for a short period, and then offered me her saturated finger. And I gladly accepted, cuz’ she was showing me how much I turn her on. And her taste was exquisite. I’ve been addicted to her taste since the very first time we’d been together. In fact, I’m totally addicted to every part of her…body, mind, and spirit. And I never want to be rehabilitated from this addiction of love. Continue reading “Kat’s surprise (Part 2)”

Kat’s surprise (Part 1)

[Alpha & kat’s fantasy series: Episode One (Part 1)]


Without going into detail, Kat wanted to do something specific today, something she’s wanted to do ever since I first told her about it. And I told her that we would, but I doubted if it would be today because of a prior obligation I had with a group of musicians I was meeting with to discuss starting a new band. I left my last band when Kat and I found a new place to live, closer to the coast.

Unfortunately, Kat had been forced, through no fault of her own, to take on more than her share of responsibilities in prior relationships. It killed her joy and left her distrustful and hurt. But unconditional love and respect can tear down any walls given time, and she’s seen my love and actions remain consistent. Yet part of her still believed she should be allowed to make decisions alone, because she’d been forced to in the previous dysfunctional relationships. But that’s not the way it works after accepting an Alpha for her mate. Continue reading “Kat’s surprise (Part 1)”