Kat’s surprise (Part 1)

[Alpha & kat’s fantasy series: Episode One (Part 1)]


Without going into detail, Kat wanted to do something specific today, something she’s wanted to do ever since I first told her about it. And I told her that we would, but I doubted if it would be today because of a prior obligation I had with a group of musicians I was meeting with to discuss starting a new band. I left my last band when Kat and I found a new place to live, closer to the coast.

Unfortunately, Kat had been forced, through no fault of her own, to take on more than her share of responsibilities in prior relationships. It killed her joy and left her distrustful and hurt. But unconditional love and respect can tear down any walls given time, and she’s seen my love and actions remain consistent. Yet part of her still believed she should be allowed to make decisions alone, because she’d been forced to in the previous dysfunctional relationships. But that’s not the way it works after accepting an Alpha for her mate.

She knows I value her opinion, but she also knows if it comes down to it there has to be one who makes the final call. And she willingly accepted me as her Alpha and needs to abide by our D/s dynamic. The trust between us is built on the fact that we will fulfill each of our respective roles because of our love for each other. And I know that by freeing herself completely to me, we have a much better chance of tearing down all the distrust and hurts that she’s locked away from years of betrayal and pain. But, inevitably, our relationship dynamic was bound to be tested.

During the time I got ready to go to my appointment, Kat made it clear she was unhappy that I didn’t immediately bow to her whim. She had her mind set on doing the fun activity I had told her about, today… period. So she alternately pouted, gave me the silent treatment, and tried to seduce me into changing my mind. But the extra income band gigs could bring in was too important to us at this point, to make up for the move by both of us. And I reassured her that I would make sure she enjoyed the specific activity she had her heart set on, but it would have to be another day. I even offered to take her with me to the meeting, so we could do something together on the way back. But she declined in a huff, so I left with the air still a bit tense between us, knowing I would have to deal with it upon my return.

With me gone Kat had plenty of time to reflect on her emotionally inspired actions toward me. And, as a smart woman with common sense, she realized she’d been wrong. She knew I valued her opinion, and took everything she said into consideration before making a final decision. Plus she knew I was doing this with the band to help fulfill my obligations as the Dominant. And she knew I already promised her we could do the activity she wanted…but on another day. So she knew that her attitude—though not really causing an argument, since I don’t need to speak with heated words to be firm and get my point across—did cause our first disagreement in the relationship.

She felt like crying. She knew she let her Alpha down; the man who’s loved her unconditionally through thick and thin during both the long-distance and now the cohabitating phases of the relationship. So she decided to do something to make up for how she’d acted. Something I would not know about until my return.

When I rode up the driveway on my Harley I noticed two distinct things right off. All the curtains had been pulled, which was surprising with the sun just beginning to go down. And I noticed Kat’s head peak out from behind the front curtains, and then slip back out of sight. So I naturally thought something was up, though I really didn’t have a clue as to what at this point. Though I was hoping she wasn’t still on the proverbial rag. I love her completely, but I won’t put up with a bad attitude long, it just won’t happen. However, after parking my bike and entering the front door I was pleasantly surprised.

My favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn CD was playing. One of his best blues ballads filled our home with the perfect ambiance for a face-to-face with Kat. Then I saw Kat ease around the entrance to the kitchen and dining area. And her attire clearly signified her surrender to our disagreement. She wouldn’t come to me dressed in her most transparent “fuck me” nightie with matching panties, if she was still trying to be the decision maker. No, her sexy outfit, along with her best perfume, and the fact she put on Stevie Ray, my favorite blues rocker, all added up to one thing. Kat knew she was wrong and wanted to make it up to me. So I let her try. Besides, her blushing face and sly smile told me this was going to be fun.

I let her lead me through the kitchen to the dining area, where she already had a chair pulled out with its back to the table. She quietly, but eagerly, took off my leather jacket and set it on the back of another chair. She then submissively got down on her knees and took off my boots and socks; followed by slowly undoing my belt, unsnapping my jeans, and sliding my zipper down while looking at me mischievously and biting her lower lip, showing her girlish side.

“May I?” she asked with the perfect tone and manner that set my heart a flutter.

Naturally I nodded. Only my dominant personality kept me from scooping her up into my arms and forgiving her instantly. But this had to play out. I couldn’t allow behavior from a previous dysfunctional relationship to occur. Not if we wanted this to be perfect between us…and we did.

She slowly removed my jeans and then came back up and began to rub her hands around the front of my shorts, making sure to caress and squeeze my hardening cock through the cotton. She then looked up with the same lip biting look…and waited. Hell, she already knew me so well. She knew I wouldn’t deny her, at least at this point. So I gave her another nod, and she grabbed the waistband in her teeth and started to pull them down, and then took them in her hands to finish taking them off.  Leaving me standing there in nothing but a sleeveless muscle shirt, bearing my own design—a drummer playing while his girl holds him tightly while straddling him, and the words, “She rocks my world.”

She then asked, as sweet as heated honey, if I would please sit in the chair so she could dance for me. So I plopped down on the wooden seat with eager anticipation. And Kat wasted no time finding the groove, beginning a series of sexy moves, and intimate gyrations that instantly had me wanting to fly back off that chair and make mad passionate love to her. But I wasn’t going to ruin the moment for her, because she obviously planned it as an apology for her earlier behavior.

Stevie Ray was the perfect background music to fuel Kat’s feminine sexual motions in the “for her lover’s eyes only” dance. She then began to peel away the few sexy garments she’d initially enticed me with. Nearly five minutes of wonderfully agonizing motions, without allowing me to touch her with my hands, before she completed her strip-tease: discarding the nightie and matching panties. Although her arousal got the best of her, urging her to present her succulent bare breasts close enough to my face that I licked and sucked both nipples before she backed off, and continued the dance.



[End of Part 1]

[Concludes with Part 2 HERE]


8 thoughts on “Kat’s surprise (Part 1)

  1. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow! Knowing how Your mind works, Daddy, I’m sure it will be both fun and pleasurable.
    Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? ☺️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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