Kat’s surprise (Part 2)

[Alpha & kat’s fantasy series: Episode One (Part 2)]


The dance went from sexy to downright horny as hell. And I felt my body become feverish with passion for my sexy mate, especially when she turned back to face me and slowly, but deliberately, slipped a finger into her inviting pussy, played with herself for a short period, and then offered me her saturated finger. And I gladly accepted, cuz’ she was showing me how much I turn her on. And her taste was exquisite. I’ve been addicted to her taste since the very first time we’d been together. In fact, I’m totally addicted to every part of her…body, mind, and spirit. And I never want to be rehabilitated from this addiction of love.

After I consumed her feminine juices, she pulled away just enough to turn around and began to straddle me, and perform a nasty little lap dance. She obviously wanted me to feel how wet she was, as she continued to slide her moist pussy over my legs and cock; causing it to spring back to full-attention, and ready for some down and dirty action. But Kat continued to play this just a bit too sexy and arousing. There is no way I was going to keep my hands to myself any longer. And when she tried to snake back up to continue the dance I grabbed her hair with one hand, and turned her around and grabbed a hand full of her breast with the other hand, as I planted hungry lips on hers and passionately took my fill.

I felt like a starving man, and she was the only nourishment that could satisfy me. And, though she tried to pull away and begin the dance again, I refused to let her go. With my hand firmly gripping her soft silky hair, I commanded her to kneel and suck my rock hard cock.

“You made this hard, baby,” I said, “It’s up to you to pleasure it.” And like a good girl, she did as she was told.

She began with what she likes to call butterfly kisses: taking my cock in her hand and placing soft little kisses here and there along the penile shaft. This technique eventually progresses to nice long, wet licks, which start at the base and end at the tip… making sure that she pays more attention to the more sensitive underside. And after several up and down journeys along the length of my raging cock she… ever so slowly… took only the head of my cock into her warm and wet mouth, where she swirled her tongue around it several times before frustratingly backing-off and going back to the long licks. When she finally had my cock as slick as warm butter she used her hand to continue the shaft stimulation while she moved down and began to suck gently on my balls, first one and then the other: and she never forgot the simultaneous stroking motion. Damn, did it ever feel good!

Although I’m not sorry that she finally returned to using her talented mouth to the head of my cock. But this time, after a bit of teasing, she eased her lips down: all… the… way! She craved every last inch, and got it inside her. And she held my cock there, while applying suction with a bit of back and forth movement. My god, it felt good. So I grabbed both sides of her head and kept her in that position, and commanded her to suck me, till I felt like I was going to cum. But I didn’t want to just yet, so I released her, and she slowly pulled enough out till she just sucked the head of my cock again. And she went back down again… and again… several times. And she made sure to keep my cock lathered in saliva, but with her mouth closed tight enough that it felt similar to sliding into her wet pussy. And the eagerness in her eyes, moans, and motions told me how much she wanted my cock inside her.

“Alright, baby,” I said with a loving nod. “You may rise and put that cock-hungry pussy of yours where you wish.”

She wasted no time rising from her knees, turned around and showed me her sexy ass and sopping wet cunt from the rear. She then straddled me and placed the tip of my cock between the lips of her pussy… and impaled herself on it, to its full-length, with a satisfying gasp, followed by a slow guttural moan that let me know how much it pleased her. And she leaned back against my chest and slowly began a gyrating motion with her hips that increased the sensation for both of us.

“Make me cum,” she said in a hot sultry voice fueled by her passionate need. “Please, Daddy, make me cum.”

While she continued to press against me with her fevered yearning, as if to combine her skin with mine and become one, I used my left hand to knead her fleshy breasts, and pinch and pull her nipples, and my right hand to slip between her legs. She was so hot and moist that I didn’t need to worry about lube.

I worked my fingers and palm in a methodical series of motions in, out, and around her inner and outer pussy lips and clit. And I kept it up till she raised herself off my lap in an effort to get that last bit of stimulation to take her over the edge. But I wouldn’t let her cum yet. I slowed the manipulation of her pussy and breasts until she subsided a bit, then started over and brought her to edge again. And I continued until she was putty in my hand to mold as I saw fit.

I wanted nothing less than a powerful orgasm that would make her scream. But Kat was so damn aroused and ready that she clearly reached an appropriate level within minutes of me rubbing her pussy and clit. And she pounded her body up and down on my cock and cried out passionately as the fiery sexual release tore through every fiber of her being, and she came and came.

But the effort I spent making her cum stopped me from reaching an orgasm, so I felt the urgent need to satisfy my carnal desires now that my mate had been satisfied. So I pushed her upward, and she began to move, though rather reluctantly, as a result of her satisfied and exhausted condition. And when she made it to her feet I stood behind her, firmly took control of her and guided her to, and bent her over, the dining table. And without waiting, my hard cock yearning for release, I entered her sopping wet cunt from behind and slammed in and out of her with pure animalistic fervor.

Kat’s moans, gasps, and whimpers fed my desire to fuck her harder. She became aroused again from the slick powerful penetration of her succulent cunt. And as her Alpha I intended to make sure both needs would be satisfied. And when it finally happened, I blew my load so hard that she felt it splash against her inner walls, even with the continued penetration. And she screamed with such passionate abandon it caused a chill to traverse my spine.


It was a nice release; but Kat still needed correction for her bad behavior. So stay tuned because that dramatic and arousing action will come…and cum…in the near future… in the next episode of the Alpha & kat fantasy series.

[End of Episode One]

[See Part One here]

7 thoughts on “Kat’s surprise (Part 2)

  1. I haven’t smoked in years, but I suddenly feel the need of a cigarette. 😁 Whew!!!
    And I wonder what “poor” kat has in store for being a bad girl?? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
    Great story, Daddy. ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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