Kat’s 1st Punishment

[Episode Two in the Alpha & kat Fantasy Series]


At the conclusion of Episode One you will recall that Kat and I had yet to deal with a serious issue, our first disagreement caused by Kat’s inappropriate behavior. She knew she was in the wrong and made an effort to get back on my good side. But that pleasurable apology did nothing to dissuade her from engaging in the same behavior in the future. Negative actions need a negative consequence. A sub needs to know what will happen when she disobeys and disrespects her Dom.

I climbed back into my jeans after the apologetic romp initiated by Kat trying to get back on my good side. And she slowly began to rise from her position, where I bent her over the dining table for my pleasure. But when she started to walk back through the kitchen I stopped her.

“Going somewhere?”

She continued while pointing in the direction of the master bedroom, still smiling.

“Kat,” I said, low but firm. “Get your butt back here before a small problem becomes much larger.”

Kat turned to gauge my level of seriousness, and quickly realized returning to me would be in her best interest. And I calmly stared as she made her way back through the kitchen to stand before me; but she missed a chance to gain favor as she looked at me with her girlish expression.

“Considering the gravity of your offense,” I said. “Wouldn’t kneeling with your head bowed be more appropriate?”

She wiped the girlish expression from her face, knelt before me, and bowed low.

“Let’s review the offense,” I said. “Did I agree to take you on the activity you wanted to try?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Did I tell you about the important meeting today that could be good for both of us?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“And even though I promised to fulfill your wish on another day, and explained the legitimate reason, you still decided to cop an attitude, right?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Your attitude caused you to pout, try the silent treatment, and even try to seduce me to change my decision, correct?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You even realized your behavior was so bad that you tried to get back on my good side with your sexy welcome home surprise for me, correct?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Now what kind of Alpha would I be if I allowed you to get away with such behavior? Especially when you knew you were doing wrong while doing it.”

Silence… as she should be.

“That’s right, baby,” I said. “You know you’re a naughty girl. And what happens to naughty girls in a D/s relationship?”

“Punished,” she said, barely audible.

Up to that point the only time she’d received anything near punishment was playful spanking during rousing sex. But she knew this was going to be different. Yet she had no clue how different; and the unknown anticipation both scared… and excited her.

I placed two of my fingers under her chin, lifted her face to see her beautiful eyes, while gauging the level of her submissiveness.

“I’m going to move my bike into the garage and put the cover over it, then come in and lock down the house for the night,” I said. “You’ll have about ten minutes to accomplish the following, and I expect them to be done by the time I’m finished.”

Kat looked at me attentively; she didn’t want to forget anything. She had no idea what I’d do if she didn’t get it all done in time, but she didn’t want to find out on her first real punishment. Some things she definitely would rather ease into. And her expression told me exactly what she was thinking; and, though I wanted to smile and reassure her that it would be okay, the Alpha in me remained calm, but firm.

“Go potty, cuz’ you’re going to be indisposed for awhile,” I said. “Wash your crotch, front and rear, and dry yourself. Then get three of your silk scarves, your dildo and vibrator, lube, and your belt.”

Kat gasped, betraying her surprise at the belt. She knew I preferred flesh on flesh, just as she preferred to receive flesh on flesh, so needing to get a belt ready made her apprehensive. But it also increased her arousal.

“You will place the objects on the nightstand, put two pillows atop each other in the center of the bed, and you will lie across them with your ass in the air, and your hands extended over your head, wrist-to-wrist, with your fingertips touching the headboard.” I stepped slowly around behind Kat as she continued to kneel, lowering her head submissively. I caressed her silky hair, grabbed a handful at the back of her head, and slowly but firmly pulled downward while placing my mouth close enough to her ear she could feel my hot breath as I spoke. “You will stay in that position, and not speak till given permission. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I released my grip and stood.


Kat rose, head bowed, and placed her hands atop each other in front of her crotch.

“What did I tell you about covering up in front of me?”

She immediately let her arms drop to her sides. And while she stood there, trying to recall all she needed to do, I caressed her back, then cupped and fondled her breasts, with nipples aroused and taut. I then kneaded the fleshy cheeks of her ass, allowed a finger to trail up and down her crack, moving it deeper with each pass, till I teased her anus. The methodical touch caused her to pucker and release the tight little hole that’s given me so much pleasure in our short time together. And as she moaned with increased arousal I withdrew my hand and smacked her bare bottom with a loud reverberating “thwack!” And Kat let out a stifled gasp.

“Go,” I said. And she departed to prepare the scene for her punishment. And I moved towards the door to park my Harley in the garage.

I wasted sometime in the garage, as well as reentering and locking-up the house for the night. This would be Kat’s first punishment in our recently formed D/s relationship. And as her Alpha, who loves her beyond measure, I’ll get my point across, but without any undue hardship or pain while gauging her pain level and level of acceptance to the D/s dynamic that’s still new to her. And when I entered the bedroom she was where I told her to be, and the requested items were on the nightstand.

I enjoyed the visual feast laid out before me on the bed, and my limp dick, well satisfied from the earlier fuck session came back to life. I went to the foot of the bed and I slowly removed my clothes, knowing Kat could tell what I was doing by the sounds. But she couldn’t see me, and could only imagine what I had in-store for her. And what she imagined had an arousing effect, because I could easily smell the intoxicating essence between her legs. And if I didn’t have a punishment to administer I’d be lapping up as much of her succulent juices as I could get. But an Alpha has to do his duty, both out of respect and love to his submissive mate.

However, I wanted to increase her anticipation so I silently went about my business. I grabbed one of the scarves, climbed upon the bed, grasped her wrists, and bound them firmly, but allowed circulation. And she kept her head bowed, a good sign to an Alpha gauging her acceptability. Her playful adventurous side was grasping the possibilities and making the most of it. And I was proud of the level of trust she showed so quickly, especially with a history of betrayal and hurt from other guys. And she remained compliant and submissively bowed while I spread her legs, and secured her ankles to the bed-posts.

“Do I have to remind you why you’re in this position?” I said, kneeling beside her prone position, her ass at the perfect level.

“No, Daddy.”

“Do you deserve punishment?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I know you may need to cry out during your first punishment,” I said. “But you’d better not talk or cuss. Since you’ve acknowledged your need to be punished, cussing would be a sign of disrespect to me for what I’m obligated to do.”

Kat glanced toward me before peering down again, and I noticed her lips pressed tightly together, obviously hoping it would keep her from breaking the rules.

With the rules established, including those agreed upon when beginning the D/s relationship – like never arguing, struggling or trying to get away, and when to use or not use the safe-word – I decided not to waste anymore time.

I like to use moderate swats with my hand to begin the spanking. It’s enough to create an arousing effect for the sub, without causing any real pain, yet will still make the body begin to release endorphins to dull the pain that will follow, allowing Kat to endure much more than she ever thought possible.

I began with counts of five on each ass cheek, and Kat stifled her initial surprise very well. I then delivered three sets of five on each cheek before caressing her bottom to ease the fire beginning to build within her, and allow the endorphins time to accumulate. I then proceeded to spank her with the same number of swats and sets of swats. And she pleasantly became more aroused with each swat, and her body movements told me all I needed to know, so I increased the strength of my delivery.

I always enjoy the fleshy contact of smacking a woman’s ass, watching the cheeks redden and her arousal climb. It’s a beautiful thing to know you’ve brought pleasure to your sub, and increased the trust level, while maintaining the dynamic of the relationship. It requires a level of love, communication, and trust that vanilla relationships never discover.

When Kat’s cheeks were solid pink I took time to apply lotion (with vitamin E and aloe) on her cheeks to combat the negative effect spanking can have on skin. I then delivered stronger swats to darken the pink hues of her cheeks, and the increased force literally melted the pain and pleasure into one unifying sensation that could carry Kat over the edge to orgasm if I continued. But I refused to allow her to cum yet. Though I kept her near the ever-so-agonizing peak, just on the verge of orgasm, but not allowed to. It reminded her that I was in-charge. It heightens a sub’s since of purpose and erotic sensation to know her Dom has control.

I spent fifteen minutes rotating between multiple counts of swats, and raised her arousal to the peak several times before stopping to rub some of the pain from her cheeks. She’d been near the brink of tears as many times as she’d been near orgasm. But the wait fulfilled both the purpose of the punishment and increased her arousal for stronger orgasms when I finally allowed her a release. And when she performed well, like Kat did this session, I allow a release before moving on to the main punishment.

I took a break from spanking her sexy ass, placed my hand on her inflamed butt, and teased my way down between her spread cheeks and legs to rub over and around her anus and sopping wet pussy and clit. From pain to pleasure: Kat arched her back, pulled at her binds, and clawed the sheet with her nails. And I continued to manhandle the slick wetness between her legs until Kat again reached her peak. But this time I let her cum. I shoved two fingers into her moist pussy and finger-fucked her while reaming her ass with as much fervor as an Alpha wolf conquering a she-wolf in heat.

Kat cried out as the pleasure intensified, mounting higher and higher. So I forced two more fingers into her sopping wet cunt and angled them to rub against her G-spot and rapidly fucked her pussy as fast as I could safely control, while continuing to tongue her asshole. And finally, to top it off, I rubbed her clit with my free hand. And soon Kat’s screams of pleasure rocked the room like the multiple orgasms rocked her body.

Needing release myself, I would not be denied, so I changed position, guided my throbbing cock to the slick entrance of Kat’s cunt, dripping with fluids, and slammed into her sweet tightness. Kat squealed at the new pleasure added to the subsiding orgasmic release, and again clawed and gripped the sheets. The intensity of simultaneous pleasures pushed her higher than she’d ever reached before. And I grabbed her hair, firmly pulled her head back, and told her I was going to fuck her pussy harder than she’d ever been fucked.

“Yes, Daddy,” she yelled. “Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a bitch in heat!” And I wasted no time, reached down and found my second wind, and I pounded her sopping wet cunt till her gasps, moans, and whimpers reverberated throughout the house. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body… which took me over the edge and I shot the biggest load of cum I’ve shot in years.

I laid atop Kat’s body several minutes to regain my composure, then rolled over to lie beside her. Both of us were spent and needed a breather, especially since the punishment wasn’t over. Several items on the nightstand have yet to be used. And the plan was not to allow Kat up from the bed until she’d experienced them all. But right then I simply draped myself half-over my very satisfied, but still bound sub. And I kissed her gently, caressed her velvety skin, and didn’t give a damn about anything but the here and now—and my girl.


[This session continues sometime in the near future in Episode 3 of the Alpha & kat fantasy series.]

14 thoughts on “Kat’s 1st Punishment

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      The characters are drawn from us, but I fictionalize the specifics and dialogue for the series. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t or don’t participate in similar activities; but A&k leave that for “naughty minds” to imagine.

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