DOMINANT Perspective

Do not fear my power, control, and authority over you, for I do not demand or take it by force; I earn your voluntary and willing submission by accepting the responsibility of fulfilling your wants and needs while keeping you protected and safe.

Our relationship dynamic, though D/s in nature, will never be like any other relationship, for it will be based solely on us individually and as a couple, and built on our solid foundation of unconditional love, along with respect, trust, honesty, compatibility, and open communication.

Mastering you does not mean lord it over you like a bully or dictator, it means masterfully utilizing a complete knowledge of you physically, mentally, and emotionally to insure the happiest and most fulfilled life we can possibly have together.

I will always take my position as Dominant seriously; I willingly take the responsibility for you and authority over you, and will always place you—and us as a couple—above my own needs and desires.

Never feel that you are below me, for you are an equal partner in our D/s relationship; we compliment and serve each other in our respective roles.

Always remember that your loving submission is the catalyst to inspire my desire to be the best Dom that I can be in order to fulfill your wants and needs, while keeping you protected and safe.

Non-D/s relationships fail in comparison to the D/s dynamic primarily because of the amount of communication necessary to maintain the relationship and the complete level of trust attained when done properly.

Trust, respect, and communication are definitely the keys to a successful D/s relationship when built on a solid foundation of love; so throw away your doubts and dive in, as your loving Dominant I will never let you fall.


[kat’s submissive perspective here]

14 thoughts on “DOMINANT Perspective

  1. Beautifully said, Alpha! Thank you for sharing the perspective of the Dominant. It makes my heart flutter, as I feel Daddy feels this way too about his role in our D/s dynamic. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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  2. Your posts always show the love, respect, and trust perspective of a D/s relationship instead of the ridiculous Hollywood version or strictly sex versions of so many other blogs. Thank you for that. Another great post.

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    1. You’re very welcome, Missy. And thank you. I’m glad you and HisLordship have a similar type connection. When both Dom and sub do their parts it makes all the difference in the world. Like my Native American ancestors always stress, a circle of life, a symbiotic circle, where one cannot exist without the other… that’s what I believe in relation to a Dom and sub.

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