Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

I’m lucky enough to have a sub that gets wet at the sound of my voice, constantly yearns to be with me, and desires sex as much as I do. So why the hell would I think a period of abstinence would make the heart grow fonder? Well, to be honest, normally I wouldn’t. And yet, it was an act of abstinence this past week that showed me how considerate and caring kat is, and reminded me once more why I love her unconditionally.

Medical issues, a trip to the emergency room, and several days of pain and little sleep are not conducive to maintaining a constant state of arousal. Gee, imagine that. But it did show what a blessing it is to have a relationship where each mate places the immediate needs of the other over their own.

Kat nearly worried herself sick over my pain and discomfort, and she constantly reminded me that she’s always there when I need her.

You may think this is normal in your life and relationship, and if so I congratulate you and hope it always remains that way. Unfortunately my past relationships have been very different. For instance, my first wife chose to create a full-blown scene in the hospital recovery room (after one of my many surgeries) over something she claims I said (that made no sense) while I was fading in and out—still under the influence of the anesthesia. And my second wife—who stayed home while I was in the VA hospital for surgery—wanted me to fuck her brains out the moment I came home after a week all bandaged up with dozens of internal stitches and external staples.

That’s why it is so refreshing to have kat by my side. She is considerate, not selfish and self-centered. And even though I’m the Dom and she’s my sub, she worries as much about me as I do her.

However, with that said, she also knows when to please me.

She knew I was feeling much better today so she surprised me with an arousing opportunity that I immediately jumped on (more than once), followed by cuddling and conversation, and she topped it off with sexy gifts she knows I treasure.

So, in this instance, abstinence did make the heart grow fonder. But it also created enough sexual tension and anticipation to explode when my physical ability once again matched my desire for my sexy adorable sub—he says with a huge smile on his face.

11 thoughts on “Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. As a disabled veteran who also went through a couple of marriages before finding my soul-mate, I’m glad you two finally found each other. I guess we both wanted to save the best for last. Good post, AJT.

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  2. I am glad that you are recovering, Alpha! I love reading about your dynamic with kat. I know kat will see this and I want to tell you kat that you are an amazing role model for us newer submissives! Way to go, taking care of your Dom so well, especially in a stressful situation. Take good care you two.

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  3. I love doting on Sir when he’s not feeling well. He takes such good care of me, how can I do any less for him? We are both very grateful for all the other does.

    I’m glad the third time was the charm and you found your wonderful Kat. The two of you are lucky to have found each other. I’m glad your recovery is going well and I’m sure Kat will have you better in no time.

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    1. It’s at times like these when our foundation of love shines more than ever, and reminds us that D/s only enhances what we truly built our relationship on… unconditional love. Thank you, Beth.


  4. What a lovely post. I hope that you are recovering well and that kat is still taking great care of you. It is always a pleasure to have an insight into such a loving, caring marriage as yours is.

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    1. I’m doing well, thank you. And kat is great, as always, but she gets frustrated at me for doing everything myself and not asking for help when I need it. A personality trait from being a natural Alpha male and on my own most of my life.
      Thanks, Missy.

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  5. Thank you for your sweet words, Daddy. I hope you know that your well-being is just as important to me as mine is to you. Sex is transient, but love is 24/7. And I do so love my Alpha. ♥️

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