Completion of Kat’s 1st Punishment

[Episode Three of the Alpha & kat Fantasy Series]


The euphoric sensations that arose during the first phase of Kat’s punishment tempered with pleasure slowly evaporate. I left her bound, face-down with legs spread apart, and her hands tied together above her head. As her Alpha, I evaluate both her physical and emotional level to make sure I have not gone beyond her capabilities. I have not. She is flushed and well satisfied. And yet, her beautiful green eyes look into mine with nothing short of pure love and a passion that continues to smolder, completely ready and under her Alpha’s sole control. And my heart fills with even more love for this girl that defines the meaning of soul-mate.

I lean toward her, allowing our lips to meet, while remembering how she calls my lips the most kissable that she’s ever seen. And yet, it is her lips, eyes, touch, and intoxicating aroma and every other physical and personality trait that she possesses that keeps me so filled with love for her that it is nothing short of a natural and permanent addiction. And I am proud to be a love addict where she is concerned; and even prouder to be her Man, her Master, her Alpha. And I will show her how I cherish her daily, and will continue to fulfill my role as her Alpha, and prove myself worthy of her freely given submission to me based on mutual love and respect.

As the kiss continues, it builds from a tender and feathery touch to a hungry need. And I grab the back of her hair and force our mouths to mash together as our tongues dance the tango between our lips. And our hot breath and saliva mingle as both our breathing and heartbeats increase. And it takes a Herculean effort to finally break contact. But I remind myself that there is still much to be done. And I know it will be worth the relatively small sacrifice of present pleasure for the far greater pleasurable reward that is still to come.

Still holding Kat’s hair in a firm grip I look deep into her lust-filled eyes: “That’s enough, baby. You know you still have punishment coming for your naughty behavior.” And she instinctively begins to pout, but quickly remembers that pouting was part of what got her into the present predicament, so she re-establishes an air of obedience that pleases her Alpha and does her proud. She’s obviously becoming more comfortable with this D/s relationship, and doing everything she can to get the most out of it. And I make a silent vow to myself to make sure she will never have a reason to regret her decision to pair with me, and to make sure she is completely satisfied with her choice each and every day.

I want to make sure that the punishment has the proper effect on deterring any bad attitudes in the future, so I prepare to cause pain to the woman I love and cherish with all my heart and soul. But I know that a little pain now can stop a whole lot of pain and heartbreak in the future; by keeping the relationship strong and intact, and not allowing bad behavior to possibly cause greater problems that may eventually get out of hand.

Kat sees me pick up the belt and there is instant concern in her eyes. But I cannot back down or, as her Alpha, I would fail her. And, though the concern she shows bothers me, I also see more than a hint of arousal and anticipation from her increased breathing and the way her body is slowly beginning to squirm before being touched. Her playful and adventurous side really is kicking into gear; pleasing me, since I had imagined her showing more fear. And I’m grateful that her fear level is only nominal, considering it’s her first punishment session in this fairly new relationship dynamic. And it eases my burden… but only a little.

Keeping the belt in my left hand so she can see it, I use my right hand to caress up-and-down her back, over her elevated butt cheeks; dark pink from the earlier hand spanking, and on down her thighs, then back up to explore her pussy, still moist from the recent orgasms. I make sure to separate my fingers as I traverse the erogenous crevice, allowing my fingers to divide the inner and outer lips of her succulent pussy, and then swirl my middle finger in a slow but deliberate penetration of her cunt; the opening that often reminds me of a flowery petal: her petal of passion. And Kat’s arousal is fanned with each new manipulation between her legs, and the pleasurable feelings invading her entire body pull her attention away from the implement of punishment she will soon feel.

I slowly finger-fuck her pussy; first with the one finger, and then with two; and I make sure it is not just an in-and-out motion, but a rotating corkscrew motion that has my fingers and knuckles brushing against and stimulating as much of the inner recesses of her aroused pussy as I can, including her favored G-spot. And Kat can no longer hold in her moans, as her body begins to slowly gyrate and squirm with the increased fires of passion. And she is ready.

I pull my moist fingers out of her hot twat, and rub my hand, especially the palm over the length of her pussy and clit until she is close to cumming, then I take my hand away. The sudden absence of pleasure from my attentive hand upon her pussy and clit inspires her to look back with a deeply expressed yearning. And she looks back just in time to see my right hand, now holding the belt, quickly descend. The folded over leather makes a loud smack upon contact with her bare ass, and she gasps with the sudden change from pure pleasure to the moderate stinging that envelopes her fleshy cheeks. I had let the belt descend quickly, but I only used moderate force behind it, so it was rather loud, but more shocking than actually painful. But it had the needed effect, and refocused Kat back to the original purpose: punishment for her bad attitude.

I slowly caress the belt across Kat’s bare ass, then lift and let it descend again. The smack and sting cause Kat to tense her body, grip the sheets, and exhale a quick breath through gritted teeth. And I caress and spank, caress and spank several more times, to a count of ten, before using my hand to rub her ass. The pink hue of her ass from the earlier spanking has now deepened to a light red, and her flesh is feverish to the touch. But the moans that Kat allows to escape when I rub my hand over her ass clearly testify to how aroused she is again becoming.

Before increasing the intensity of the spanking I grab the dildo from the nightstand and begin to run it down the crack of Kat’s ass. Then down farther to traverse her pussy and clit over and over, ever so slowly,  causing the desired effect of increasing Kat’s desires. And then I place the tip of the fake phallus at the entrance to her pussy and tease her momentarily, before firmly pushing it in to its hilt; causing Kat to involuntarily squeal as she gasped, and began to breathe heavy in anticipation of a good fucking. But I then let go of it, allowing it to remain embedded deep within her. The arousing sensation of her pussy being filled would help counter the stinging of her ass as I grab the belt once more, and I let go with the same spank, caress, then spank again technique previously used. But this time the spanking is increased in intensity. And Kat can no longer stop the involuntary yelps, gasps, and moans that emerge from the erotic combination of stinging swats and a pleasurably filled pussy. And Kat’s mind and body are clearly having contradictory feelings that culminate in a strange sense of pleasure that she never knew possible.

I reach down during one of the caressing periods after a particularly hard spank and turn the knob on the dildo to vibrate. As the new sensation takes effect, sending more pleasure signals throughout Kat’s entire body, I begin the final phase of spanking: swift, hard, and deliberately spread evenly around the lower two-thirds of her fleshy ass (the sweet spot, the area where no permanent harm will be done).

Kat cannot hold back the tears any longer. They begin to trickle down her cheeks. It is what I have been waiting for. As her Alpha, I am aware of all the secrets she has kept locked within her. And she has never had anyone try and help her dig out all that emotional garbage. So what better way to begin to remove such bad emotions than having a cathartic release while engaged in an intimate session with the man she calls her soul-mate? So I block my natural tendency to guard her from any and all pain, in order to allow a very controlled and non-harmful amount of pain to bring her the cathartic release she so desperately needs. And if I had not been hardened through war, I may have had to fight tears of my own from rising when I see the tears begin to increase from a trickle to a steady flow down Kat’s soft cheeks. But I am an Alpha, and I do what I must to please my mate, including what’s best for her, pain or no pain.

I deliver one final round of swift and hard swats, then toss the belt back onto the nightstand so Kat can see it is no longer in my hand. And I grab the dildo within her as I lie beside her, and I begin to fuck her with it to speed the arousal to a toe-curling, scream-filled orgasm that literally has Kat bucking up and down against her binds, while squirting her fluids nearly a foot onto the bedspread. And I envelope her in my arms, and wait for the orgasm to end, as the cathartic release of tears again begin to flow, and she leans into me and finds herself enjoying the emotional release as much as she did the physical release. It is cleansing, and she desperately wants to be cleansed. And her level of trust and love for her Alpha likewise increases.

After several minutes of tears, holding, caressing, and soft reassuring words, I untie the binds on her wrists and ankles. And I raise Kat’s lower half into a kneeling position, removing the pillows, and making sure her head remains bowed down to the mattress, with her sexy well-spanked ass in the air. I then grab both the dildo and vibrator and replace the dildo deep within her drenched pussy from the recent squirting orgasm. And I begin to manipulate the vibrator over and around her pussy, clit, and anus: making sure to spend the majority of time on or around her clit, swollen with arousal.

When I see the tell-tale evidence that she is reaching her peak once more, I turn the vibration up to the limit on both sex toys. I swirl the vibrator in small circles on and around her enlarged sensitive clit, while angling the dildo’s penetration to make rapid repeating contact with her G-spot. And Kat’s entire body begins to implode with the mounting sensation until it can no longer hold one single nerve-ending of pleasure more… and she explodes, erupting like a fucking volcano filled with pure molten love. And I quickly position myself behind her, coat my fingers with her juices (instead of the lube) and slick up her tight asshole; making sure that the dildo stays deep within her convulsing pussy, and I slowly but firmly penetrate her puckered pleasure hole with my throbbing cock. The fucking tightness of her ass, combined with the vibration of the dildo crammed in her cunt, create an animalistic desire in me to fuck my lovely mate into another powerful orgasm. And for that period of penetrating pleasure it literally removed all else from my mind except to be her Alpha, and a sex-crazed fucking machine with the sole purpose of loving and satisfying my desires and those of my mate. And we explode simultaneously with her screams and my guttural growls reverberating off the walls. Until we collapse into each other’s arms; overheated, sweaty, full of love, trust, and respect, and totally and completely fucked out and feeling great!


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16 thoughts on “Completion of Kat’s 1st Punishment

  1. My, my, Daddy, you don’t even have to touch me to get me hot. Or speak. Or look at me. Your talent with the written word fires my imagination, reaches inside my mind, and caresses my thoughts. Mmmm….
    Great post, Daddy. 😊♥️

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