Down and Dirty

OMG! I’m still smiling from my recent fuck session with kat. Yes, I mean “fuck session” not love session. There is always love as the foundation between us, but sometimes we’re both craving a no-holds-barred nasty as we can be fuck fest.

Sex sessions come in a wide variety, and as a playful and exploratory kind of guy I’ve definitely done my share to diversify my experiences. So I say, thank God, the sexual revolution, and finding the perfect mate.

Some days you just got to get down and dirty. Sure, kat and I enjoy caressing, cuddling, massaging, and other applications of loving touch. In fact, she learned early in our relationship that I’m a very affectionate guy (since I grew up in a non-affectionate family and swore I’d never be like that as an adult). Ahh… but I digress.

The simple fact is we are human. We are prone to a variety of moods, and the stress and cares of daily life and relationships can alter those moods. And over-and-above our basic mood swings we also have sexual needs and desires that can easily run the gamut from Vanilla to German Chocolate to Ebony Black Forest Fudge (getting hungry yet?).

Simply put, some days a traditional roll-in-the-hay just isn’t good enough. Perhaps you had a stressful day at work, or the kids broke their all-time record for getting on your nerves, or your Monster-in-law lived up to her title with a two-hour bitch session. Or maybe you just woke up horny as hell, got hornier throughout the day, and by the time you get some alone time with your mate you feel like a sex-addict who just found out your mate is a nymphomaniac that develops amnesia after every orgasm…and refuses to quit until she’s satisfied.

Or maybe, if you’re like me, you’re so fucking in love, like, and lust with your mate you don’t really need a reason to want to ravish them. Or you find that any reason is as good as another. For instance, kat’s normal attire is a t-shirt and panties, cuz’ I’m not big on fancy lingerie; I like the wholesome girl-next-door-look (with one exception, of course, my girl wears a collar). And after hours of seeing her with just enough covered to keep sparking the imagination and teasing my desires, I begin to wonder if the zipper on my Wrangler jeans can withstand the growing pressure. In other words, it’s time for this Alpha to pounce.

What’s that? Did I hear someone in the peanut gallery ask, “What about foreplay?”

Unlike many couples, kat and I believe foreplay is every waking second of every day. We don’t believe in relationships that are 50/50; we believe that both mates need to give 100% at all times, and that includes our view of foreplay. To us, foreplay is showing we love, cherish, adore, and respect each other every waking second. And when we constantly treat each other with love and affection we stay in a condition of readiness for whenever the opportunities present themselves. And kat loves it this way because—unlike her prior relationships—I show her constant love and affection throughout every day, instead of only paying her compliments or playing grab ass five seconds before I want to fuck her, and calling that foreplay like so many guys that don’t know how to touch a woman’s emotions.

A guy I’ve known for years constantly complains about his wife not being very spontaneous, but when I ask him what he does to help get her in the mood, he says if he had to do something to get her in the mood it destroys the whole purpose of being spontaneous. And he wonders why she spurns his advances most the time, and just lays there like an inanimate object on the rare occasion she sheds her panties.

Kat, on the other hand, is in a constant state of readiness because of my consistently showing love and affection—which includes sharing duties so we can get them over and done with quicker, in order to have more time for ourselves—so when I decide I want to surprise her, push her against a wall, fondle her, rip her clothes off, sweep her up into my arms, carry her to the closest piece of furniture I can bend her over, and lick, suck, and fuck her brains out, not once has she ever complained. In fact, her actions, physical response, and words tell me she only wants more.

So when I told kat that we were going to get fucking nasty this time, all she did was say, “Yes, Daddy, I’ll be a very nasty girl for you.” And she was. And when our sexual urges were sated we talked and laughed for hours afterward.

Yep, some days you just got to get down and dirty. But in order for those days to work you’ve got to show each other love, affection, and respect every day, without fail, so the passion is always smoldering within you both and ready to be ignited when the opportunities arise.

11 thoughts on “Down and Dirty

  1. I love this post. It captures the difference between the D/s relationship we have now to the vanilla relationships I have had in the past. You have also made me crave my next ‘down and dirty’ so thank you for that 😉

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    1. The D/s dynamic allows us to be so much more open with our partners, and it builds the trust needed to explore our inner desires and truly be ourselves.
      Thanks, Missy.

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