A Bloody Lesson

[This is not our usual type of post, and if talking about blood gets you queasy, please skip this post.]

I’m going to talk about something from the male perspective, but I found out that something similar can occur to females as well.

I went through something recently that, although I’m middle-aged, I had never heard or read about, and it was rather a rude awakening. And it is for that reason I’m telling the embarrassing tale. I truly hope it doesn’t happen to any of you, but just in case it does maybe by hearing about it before it does from someone who has gone through it might ease your mind. Just remember the key words: don’t panic.

While showering I noticed a simple spot just off-center on the head of my penis. It was very small, and looked like either a mole or the beginning of a pimple (which I thought was really weird, since I’d never even developed pimples during adolescence). And upon further investigation there were no other visible symptoms.

Having never encountered this before, and not wanting oddities popping up where I didn’t want them, I decided to rub it clean or pick it off.

Big mistake!

As soon as the tiny spot popped off blood began to pour out…and I do mean pour! In just seconds blood was pooling in the tub and both my hands were a bloody mess—which made it a bit difficult to grip things that needed to be gripped and grab things that needed to be grabbed in an effort to stop the flow.

I will spare you all the bloody details of my various attempts to squelch the flow, except to tell you that I finally accomplished the task with the medical equivalent of choking the chicken. But by the time I stopped the bleeding the place looked like a slaughter house. After all, that part of the anatomy ebbs and flows (is soft or hard) based on blood circulation. And along with the bathtub, the floor, toilet, wastebasket, and a couple towels were soaked or splattered with blood. And, of course, along with my hands I was splattered from the waist down and needed another shower.

Now you have to understand that I’ve seen a lot of violence and bloodshed in my life, so I don’t get flustered easily. I didn’t yell out or try to call anyone: no, not even kat. I simply focused my energy on stopping the blood. However, as soon as it was stopped I recall thinking the following:

“I’ve survived the barrio, military wounds, years of investigations and being shot at, along with a lifetime of seeking adrenaline rushes in activities like skydiving, scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc, and here I almost died from a pimple on my pecker.”

Well, as it turned out it wasn’t a pimple, it was similar to a blood blister, and the blood filled up inside instead of near the surface. That’s why I couldn’t see it.

I found out that males and females can develop these around their genitalia, and they can look like pimples, moles, blackheads, and even age spots. But, heaven forbid, if you ever get one please learn from my embarrassing mistake… don’t rub, scratch, or pick it.

[Please see MisterMan’s comment below for another possible explanation.]

14 thoughts on “A Bloody Lesson

    1. With no prior knowledge of this kind of thing, it definitely surprised the hell out of me. And that’s the only reason I’m telling what happened.
      Thanks Missy.

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  1. Well all’s well that ends well. I’m just pleased you didn’t try compression and elevation by hanging it from the lighting flex. The paramedics would never have believed it wasn’t some kink game gone wrong! Glad the two of you are okay. 🚑

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    1. Lol. No paramedics needed, I took care of it myself. I’m just glad it occurred in the tub, and not while involved in a scene with kat.
      Thanks, HL.


  2. If you had what I hav–I MEAN A FRIEND OF MINE HAS–it’s worse than a blood blister, it’s actually a sort of micro-aneurysm or varicose vein. Meaning popping it essentially opens up a live vein right there in a part of the body that is very well serviced (hematologically speaking).

    I have been delaying getting mine treated because my GP won’t go near it, says it takes a skilled vascular surgeon to cut off the part that’s flopped out, stitch it back up, and then tuck the whole thing back inside under a nice safe happy layer of skin. My understanding is that this is probably inevitable; I’ve tried waiting this sucker out and after a couple years it’s still going strong.

    The one shining bit of good news is that apparently this is caused by excessive use of that particular organ. Our GP is one of two vanilla friends who know about our kink, so he straight-up asked me how often we were getting busy. He was openly startled at the answer. Apparently we’re outpacing even his teenage and young-20’s patients. High five, amirite? 😀

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    1. Thanks for the very informative response about your… um’… “friend’s” condition. I will continue to monitor the area…with kat’s help of course… but at present it has healed completely. There is not even a scab, scar, or mark of any kind to show where it was: almost as if the blood discharge cleared out the vein, and it hasn’t filled up again. But I’ll keep monitoring it anyway.
      And it’s a definite high five. Thanks again Dbl-M.

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      1. Glad to hear it! Mine is big enough to protrude, so my GP was pretty emphatic about letting a surgeon do it. Not because they cut better but because they’re in a room prepared to deal with the stitching-it-back-up part.

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      2. I may have got lucky with the impatient mishap I created, but I definitely recommend doing it your way, cuz’ it was a bloody mess. But I will still keep monitoring. And we both hope your’s is resolved to your satisfaction when necessary.


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