Kat’s Dom

I’ve never had to raise my voice

To get my point across

I’ve never chose to belittle or badger

To prove that I’m the boss

Intelligence without common sense is nonsense

So common sense guides my speech

I don’t bully, or browbeat, or threaten

Or stand on a soap box to preach


I’m a Dom that respects and loves my sub

And I trust she’ll do as I say

Cuz’ I work hard to fulfill her wants and needs

While protecting her in every way

Kat’s gifted me with ownership of her body

And she’s gifted me with her submission

I treasure her gifts as I treasure her love

And making her happy is my sole mission


There’s no desire or need to yell

I’ll never rake kat over the proverbial coals

Unconditional love and a firm hand

Work much better to accomplish our goals

Kat’s told me she’s always wanted

A man she could not push around

With more positive traits than negative

And feet firmly planted on the ground


Her first mate was clearly a man-child

She bore one son but raised two

Her second mate was self-centered and insecure

And did just about everything you shouldn’t do

Kat was ripped out of love

And swore not to seek it again

But after awhile love sought her out

And it came in the form of a friend


“Just keep her talking” I said to myself

I knew she was the girl of my dreams

And love grew hot like the arousal of foreplay

And I yearned to hear her first screams

Not from abuse but pure passionate love

With introduction in the D/s lifestyle

The connection came quicker than we could imagine

Like an exclusive soul-mate speed-dial


I now am kat’s Dom and I love it

It blows away all prior relationships

And she’s given herself completely to me

To the point it would embarrass all censorships

But we’re actually best friends, lovers, and partners

Cuz’ being a dictator is not my style

It’s my job to keep her protected and safe

To fulfill her wants and needs, and to make her smile


I’ve had some really great jobs in my life

Some interesting, fun, and dangerous as well

But being a Dom has surpassed them all

Leaving the rest in the dust…pell mell

With kat kneeling beside me, or at home in my arms

I know our love is forever and our future is bright

For kat is the angel I’ve always wished for

With a touch of sin and a splash of starlight


angel demon 8


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