Black Wolf: First Client (Part Three)

I’m not here to get my rocks off. Yes, it will physically occur, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to help clients fulfill their goals: goals that are accomplished with a combination of dominance, submission, humiliation, behavior modification through punishment and rewards, and cathartic releases through pain and pleasure. And as the Master I bear the responsibility of fulfilling their wants and needs while keeping them protected and safe physically and emotionally. And much of that is accomplished through mentorship: teaching and guiding them through their areas of ignorance and inexperience.

I released my grip and tenderly stroked her hair.

“Don’t be in such a rush,” I said. “Ease into the act with kisses, licks, and touch. And above all, savor the act of giving pleasure.” And I gently wiped the tear from her cheek.

“Take a deep breath, let it out, and slowly begin.”

The guidance and tone of my voice had the desired effect. The tension in Waleli’s body began to subside as she began to breathe and relax.

She still went straight to my cock, showing her inexperience, but she began to kiss, lick, and caress as instructed. Her transitions from one act to another were often hesitant, and her handling of my cock was somewhat awkward, but her body language clearly showed both an eager and willing attitude. And the passionate moan emanating from her when she slowly eased the head of my cock in her mouth testified to her arousal. It may not seem like much to most people, but it’s an important step in D/s training when she realizes adherence to the guidance of her Master brings her pleasure. And that builds trust, because she now knows her wants and needs are considered by her Dom, and that she is important to him.

It was obvious that she loved the feel of a cock in her mouth, along with being aroused by the act, but her lack of experience made it practically impossible to get me off. So I used it as a teaching opportunity and guided her through the process.

I reminded her about savoring the act of giving pleasure while accepting and relishing the pleasure of the act itself. I showed her how alternating the tempo periodically increases the arousal, while easing back or pausing adds to the anticipation. And I showed her how utilizing multiple stimulation—using both hands along with the tongue and suction and friction of the lips and cheeks—combines to increase the arousal enough for orgasm, or stronger orgasms. And she eagerly followed my guidance.

Waleli was able to keep me hard for twenty minutes before I noticed her starting to falter, so I took over before the effort was wasted, which again reinforced that I was her Master.

“Tighten your cheeks,” I commanded as I grabbed a fistful of her hair. “And keep them tight.”

As I began to pump my cock into her mouth she instinctively tried to pull back, but I held her head tightly in position, and steeled my emotions as tightly as my grip. She needs to know that submission is not an option.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth like a cunt,” I said, as I began a slowly building rhythm, going deep on every stroke. “And you’re going to swallow every drop of cum.”

She lifted her eyes just long enough to see I meant what I said, then lowered them, and focused on the act. I would later learn that this was the first time a man fucked her mouth. The dozen or so previous attempts she had with oral sex was her doing all the work, and I’d already seen how inexperienced she was in that skill set; which also told me something about the type of partners she’d had.

After taking control, it took about three minutes of constant building, and ramming it in her mouth the last ten strokes, before I shot my wad. The first load hit the back of her throat causing her to involuntarily swallow, the second hit the roof of her mouth, but the rest dribbled out on her tongue.

Her first instinct was to pull away, but I held her tight, eased my cock about halfway out, and said, “Swallow, then suck and lick me clean.”

She hesitated just a moment, then did as commanded, and continued, making wet slurping sounds, until I removed my cock.

The moment my cock departed her lips I looked at Joe for the first time. His face was flushed, there were a couple of beads of sweat on his brow, his lips were slightly apart, and it looked like a tiny tepee rose in the front of his pajama bottoms. And that told me why he hadn’t made any of his usual outbursts.

I didn’t need to push the object lesson any further. However, call it a flaw if you will, I’ve always gone the extra mile. And the more I looked at Waleli submissively kneeling before me, obediently waiting for my next command, I quickly decided to make it a night they would never forget.

Still gripping Waleli’s hair, I pulled up, till she stood before me. I then tilted her head back far enough for her mouth to open naturally, bent down, and passionately kissed her. And as my tongue greedily explored I couldn’t help taste myself upon her tongue, which is always a good feeling.

Waleli’s lust burned like an unquenched hunger as she closed her eyes, and her tongue danced with mine feverishly. And when I pulled away, breaking the connection, she immediately looked at me with glazed eyes and lust filled yearning. But there were still lessons to be learned.

“Face the bed,” I said, keeping my grip on her hair as she turned. And I explored her body with my right hand, alternating from tender caresses to beastly groping, making sure she knew nothing was off-limits to me.

I’ve always loved to feel a pussy through moist panties. Knowing I’m the reason for her arousal adds to my enjoyment. So after feeling how soaked Waleli’s panties were I continued to caress and explore every crevice and curve of her cunt and clit through the thin satin material. And I released my grip on her hair so I could simultaneously fondle her breasts, making sure to spend equal time ensuring her nipples remained rock hard. And the whimpers and moans that emanated from her writhing form not only confirmed the effect I had on her, but it also made her husband’s tiny tepee look like it was dancing in some unseen wind.

I soon moved my right hand up in order to fondle both breasts simultaneously. And while she pushed back against me, eager for more contact, I gripped the neckline of her nightie with both hands.

Always professional, I never lose sight of the goal when training a sub. Everything is done for a reason, whether they know it at the time or not.

With a burst of strength I ripped Waleli’s nightie from top to bottom. Her confusion was instantly evident. But instead of calming her fears I played on them. I grabbed a fistful of hair again, while leaning close, with my mouth near her ear.

“I want you kneeling on that bench, holding the wagon wheels with both hands, while leaning forward,” I said, then gave her a short push forward before releasing my grip.

She hurried into the position, but couldn’t resist a quick look in my direction before looking forward at her husband.

“What position is your head supposed to be in?” I said.

She immediately bent her head forward and cast her eyes downward.

“If I’m not tilting or lifting your head you always keep it down in my presence,” I said calmly, and I slapped her ass hard, causing her to yelp.

I glanced at Joe and saw him licking his lips. His need to see his adulterous wife punished was clearly evident. And his arousal was definitely stronger than his shame. His eyes were glued to the proceedings.

I slapped Waleli’s ass again. She remained quiet, but her body tensed and squirmed. And I grabbed the torn nightie, yanked hard enough to pop the thin shoulder straps, and cast the material behind me to the floor.

After the quick burst of action that got both of them anticipating her punishment, I altered the tempo, taking my time and slowly removing my clothes.

Alternating tenderness with roughness, along with changing tempos while creating sensations and yearning, then denying momentarily is all part of the process. It played with emotions, built arousal, and increased anticipation. And it was a constant reminder of who was in-charge.

Free from the confines of clothing, I grabbed a couple more short ropes from the bag and bound Waleli’s wrists to the felloes and flat steel tire of the wagon wheel. Then resumed standing directly behind her, admiring her youthful form and unblemished sun touched skin.

Once more I tenderly caressed, fondled, and explored to my heart’s content. Spending particular attention to her panty covered butt, pussy, and clit. The satin crotch was soaked beyond the absorption limits of the gusset.

I played with her smooth firm ass, slick pussy, and aroused clit long enough to regain a semi-erect state. And Waleli’s whimpers, moans, and squirming form, as a result of my handy manipulation assisted my arousal. Yes, I am a Dom who loves to give pleasure, though I will definitely take my pleasure as well.

I’ve learned that remaining in a semi-erect state works best for me. Trying to remain constantly hard, especially during long sessions, is a waste of energy. But if I allow myself to detach and go limp it creates problems later in the session when attempting to get hard on cue for penetration. However, I find it easy to maintain a consistent level of arousal to remain semi-erect, and it doesn’t take much effort to increase the arousal for penetration. Plus I don’t have to physically detach and can enjoy the entire session; although I still have to emotionally detach to a certain degree in order to maintain the level of professionalism.

Fondling Waleli also had its effect on Joe. The top of the tiny tepee in his pajama bottoms was clearly soaked through with pre-cum. But it was time to delay again, to prolong the arousal and increase the anticipation.

I rummaged through the bag, pulled out a riding crop, and laid it on the bench beside Waleli. Then returned to the bag, rummaged some more, pulled out a well-worn leather strap, and placed it beside the crop. Then continued going back and forth, retrieving one item each time, and placing it with the others on the bench. I stopped when I had seven items lined up: the crop, leather strap, a split-tongued strap, a thick belt, a thin belt, a wood paddle, and a set of branches/switches tied together.

With her eyes downcast, Waleli could see each implement with peripheral vision. And I made sure Joe saw each item as I pulled it out for display.

It didn’t take a mind-reader to know they were both wondering which I would use first.

Past lovers could yell it out in an instant. Black Wolf, the feared tribal disciplinarian who has mastered every implement of punishment favors none of them. I have, and will always, prefer the intimate connection of flesh-on-flesh.

“You know why you’re being punished, don’t you, slave?”

“Yes, Sir.”


“I was a naughty girl,” she said. “A very naughty girl.”

“That’s obvious,” I said. “But you’re not getting off that easy.” I casually picked up the list supplied by Joe. “Give me a description of what’s on these pages.”

Her head lowered further, she fidgeted, and her voice was soft.

“Adultery, disobedience, disrespect.” Her voice trailed off.

“That sounds like you’re reading an official report, I said. “I think you can get a lot more personal than that.”

“I cheated…” she whispered.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I cheated,” she said, not much louder, as if her shame was creating cottonmouth. But her fear, obviously, did not match her shame. And, as her Master, I couldn’t allow her to think that such a lackadaisical response by a slave was acceptable.

I leaned over her and whispered as she had, “One final try.”

“I cheated on my husband.”

Not even close to good enough, I thought. There were thirty-three infractions listed on the pages, and that’s all she came up with.

Without word or warning I began spanking her panty covered ass—hard!

Waleli yelped, squealed, and squirmed something fierce, but she could not elude any of the punishing blows.

A lifetime of labor created strong arms and rough hands, and I held her hips in position with my left, while I delivered the whacks with my dominant hand—making sure to alternate from cheek-to-cheek. And I didn’t stop until I’d delivered ten solid blows to each cheek.

The sounds of Waleli whimpering and sniffling, attempting to hold back the tears, did nothing to me emotionally. I take the responsibility of being the Master seriously, there would never be any permanent damage done to her. I would always keep her protected and safe; that is, protected and safe while accomplishing the goal. And after three bloody tours in Afghanistan it was easy to detach my emotions in order to keep focused on the goal. But Joe, on the other hand, was not so inclined.

“Hell yeah!” said Joe. “Don’t stop now. Tear that ass up, down, and sideways. Make her cry a river of fucking tears.”

While he continued to rave about what he wanted done to his adulterous young wife, I casually rubbed her sore bottom, then hooked my fingers in the thin waistband, and slid her satin panties down and off. Her smell emanated from her sopping wet cunt and the crotch of the panties. And I had to admit to myself it was a good clean smell of a woman.

Too many women (and men) corrupt their bodies with tobacco, alcohol, and chemicals of all kinds; including certain disgusting foods, and it taints their bodies, secretes from their pores, and makes their aroused bodily fluids smell foul and taste worse. And Joe doesn’t know it, but he is about to find out how lucky he is to have a clean woman.

He was still focused on his wife’s pitiable sounds and submissive look as I rummaged through the bag, drew out what I sought, and walked around to the side of the bed. And I was climbing upon the bed beside him before he realized I was there—and why.

“Oh, hell no!” he said, with fear and anger immediately etched on his face. And he tried struggling against his binds, but to no avail. And he tried to clench is mouth shut, but a couple of pressure points learned through years of martial arts training made that impossible, as I stuffed the panties inside his mouth, then slapped a strip of duct tape over it to keep them in.

His eyes burned fiercely.

Black Wolf 20

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[All Black Wolf segments are excerpts from a book in progress.]

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