Black Wolf: First Client (Part Four of 4)

“I told you I would just do it,” I said. And he made some angry mumbling sounds, so I slapped him across the face to remind him I was the Alpha. “Be glad I didn’t grab one of the toys.”

When I began to turn away I noticed Joe’s tiny tepee, now much wetter, was a little taller and bouncing around involuntarily. So I turned back to face him, and his angry expression changed to utter embarrassment faster than a politician can tell a lie. And I’ve always had an uncanny knack of judging people and situations.

“Now there’s something I’m sure you don’t want everybody knowing,” I said. “Something you just discovered about yourself.”

Fear began to creep in with the embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said while departing the bed and heading back around to Waleli. “You chose me because I’m a professional.”

I took my position behind Waleli, glanced at Joe, and gave him a reaffirming nod, which he acknowledged with his own. So it was settled and time to get back to business.

I gently caressed the sweet spot: the bottom two-thirds of the butt where most of the spanking should be done. It had reddened and was warm, but nowhere near where it would be upon completion of her punishment.

“You are allowed to cry,” I said. “But do it quietly.” It would help me gauge her tolerance, while giving me another glimpse into her character. And I began spanking her bare bottom with my hand, alternating cheeks again.

She squirmed and wiggled, and the tears began to flow quickly, but she did her best to remain quiet. Only slight whimpering sounds and momentary gasps were heard, along with her attempt to control her breathing. It was a good sign, because I pushed her twice as far, twenty whacks to each cheek.

“Good girl,” I said, while slowly caressing her butt, which caused her to tense up and wince. So I walked into the bathroom to retrieve a bottle of vitamin-E lotion with aloe I had seen earlier: something that should have been in the bag. And I returned to Waleli, poured out an ample amount over her ass, and began to rub it in. It would help with the pain, and healing, and keep her skin protected from the harsh treatment. And the tender transition eliminated the tension, and she began to relax and enjoy it; so much so, she moaned with pleasure, and stuck her ass out yearning for my touch.

Unlike some doms that refuse to administer aftercare, and others that only administer it after the complete session is over, I prefer to administer it in smaller doses throughout the session, primarily after each grouping while spanking (or punishment in some other form); and then finish with a lengthy aftercare period when the session is completed. It eliminates the possibility of the client succumbing to sub-drop.

Subs give their complete trust to a Dom in the power exchange in D/s relationships. When they extend themselves emotionally by performing in complete obedience and submission, fulfilling every request of the Dom—often in lengthy sessions or throughout the entire day—they are mentally and emotionally vulnerable. While feeling satisfied with how they performed, even if exhausted and drained, they yearn for the rewards they have earned. And when the Dom fails to give the sub the earned praise, comfort, affections, and other rewards it creates a mental and emotional upheaval within the sub that sends them from an almost euphoric high to a depressive low: sub-drop.

I grabbed a towel from the bag and wiped the remaining lotion from my hands, then reached over and stroked her cunt a few times with the back of my hand.

“Steel yourself,” I said. “You’ve got a lot of punishment to go.” And I grabbed the first implement in line, the crop, and whipped it back-and-forth through the air a few times so she could hear the swishing. The noise sparked fear, because she knew more pain was coming, but it also helped her psych herself up for the next grouping.

It was a long punishment session. We performed the same dance for all seven implements. Approximately five minutes of spanking followed by equal time for aftercare, change to another implement, and do it again. And I was actually impressed by how Waleli handled it. Sure, she cried a lot through each grouping, but she stifled as much noise as she could, with only the occasional whimper and gasp escaping. The only exception occurred when receiving a lashing from the final implement, the tied bundle of switches.

Waleli tried hard to be brave and obedient; but after the groupings with my hand and six other implements her bottom was already dark red, burning, and extremely tender. And the lashing with the switches was administered on top of that, so it was excruciating. And while I did cut the grouping to only ten lashes on the butt, and five on the upper thigh just below the butt crease, they still caused her to whimper, squeal, and thrash about. And I quickly grabbed the lotion and poured it on, and began to lightly smooth it over the dozen or so welts that had already risen.

Waleli gasped and squirmed with pain at the initial touch, but by the time I poured the lotion a second time my touch was eliciting far more whimpers and moans of pleasure. And I made sure my journey over butt cheeks to upper thigh also wandered and found every inch of her moist pussy, while periodically teasing her clit. The touch of her fevered flesh, slick pussy, and swollen clit brought my semi-erect member to attention.

The fire was stoked, so it was time to douse it.

“Good girl,” I said softly. “I see this hummingbird has heart.” I used both hands to massage her tender ass. And I glanced toward Joe, and noticed a larger wet spot, and his tepee had deflated. But his eyes were still glued to the proceedings.

I gently tapped the inside of Waleli’s thighs, and she obediently spread her legs wider apart. And I lightly pushed down on her butt, and she slowly lowered it to the perfect position, and I grabbed hold of her hips and she instantly stopped.

It felt good, as her Dom, to see how well she responded to the slightest touch from me. She was so eager to please. Her natural submissiveness was evident, and nothing turns an Alpha on more.

With hands still on her hips I eased forward, and allowed my stiff cock to trail up and down her pussy. And she instantly tried to stretch backwards to impale herself on it, but her restraints and my grip wouldn’t allow it. So I continued to tease her until she unabashedly moaned with yearning.

Her aroused state wasn’t just affecting me. I took another glance toward her husband and saw the tiny tepee beginning to rise again. And it was at that moment that Waleli’s desire caused her to break a rule.

“Master, please!” she said with such need it even broke through my wall of emotional detachment. “I need it, Master! Need you…need you more than I’ve ever needed anything in my life.”

Fuck the rules, I thought. I make them, break them, or allow them to be bent… as long as it helps the training, because every client…every personality…is different.

I kept my left hand on her hip, and guided my cock around the entrance of her moist pussy a few times, teasing the aroused nerve-endings, before slamming it all the way into her as hard as I could—and stopping, with it buried inside her.

The abrupt thrust caused her to involuntarily react; gasping, gripping the wheel, tensing her entire body, especially her kegel and sphincter muscles. Then inhaling a deep breath and letting it out slowly when she realized I had stopped inside her, and she made the softest sexiest moan I’d heard in a long time—which spurred me on.

I began to ever-so-slowly extract my cock until the head was barely penetrating the entrance, paused momentarily, then slammed it deep once more. Waleli instantly responded, but there would be no relaxing this time, for I did not stop. I continued the same method over-and-over: extracting ever-so-slowly, momentary pause, and slamming it hard and deep. And each extraction seemed to elicit whimpering sounds from Waleli, while the hard thrusts spawned gasps and deep guttural moans. And I took great pleasure in the pleasure I was giving my new sub.

I continued to fuck Waleli with the slow and deep pounding until she begged me to cum. As her Master, she knows I control her orgasms. I can allow them, or deny them. And I denied her for short periods before each of the three orgasms I brought her to with the slow and deep method. But there would be no denying with the next method. It was time for me to take my pleasure.

I grabbed a handful of hair with my left hand, continued to hold her hips with my right, and began to ram in-and-out of her sopping wet cunt like a jackhammer. And I had no intention of slowing down or stopping until I shot my load.

Waleli’s whimpers, moans, and gasps transitioned into the guttural sounds and screams of pleasure as I pushed her beyond any sexual limit she’d ever had; especially after I spanked her tender ass, and shoved my thumb in her anus, while continuing to ram her, which started the first multiple orgasm she’d ever experienced. And that took me over the edge, though I continued to pound her cunt until we were both totally spent.

Never one to miss a lesson opportunity, I stepped up on the bench, then stepped over on the bed, turned around with my ass facing Joe, legs spread shoulder-width apart, and made Waleli lick me clean. And she showed me that she remembered my lesson to savor the moments of giving pleasure.

I then bent forward and grabbed my pants, extracted a butterfly knife from the front right pocket, twirled it open in the manner befitting its name, then quickly cut the ropes that bound Waleli’s wrists.

“Stand,” I said.

She did.

I grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her forcefully toward me, and passionately kissed her. There was still a hint of our mingled juices upon her tongue.

“Step over the wheels onto the bed,” I said.

She obediently complied. And I took her in my arms and kissed her, caressed her, and whispered praise in her ear for the good session; continuing to do so for quite awhile. I never neglect aftercare. But I finally released her and turned to look down upon Joe.

His cum soaked pajama bottoms had its tepee standing at full mast. His arousal could not be denied, and neither could his shame, for a trail of tears descended both cheeks. It was obvious that he had found out as much about himself in this session as Waleli had.

When I stepped toward him, still holding the knife, he didn’t respond until I stopped short of where he thought I was going—obviously thinking I was going to cut him loose as well. But I stood above his thighs, bent forward, grabbed the waistband of his pajamas, stuck my knife to the edge of the material, and made a cut from the band to the crotch in one slash.

He squirmed frantically, shook his head, and mumbled continuously through the gag, as I grabbed the torn material and yanked them downward, hard enough to tear them in two; which left his drenched, but still stiff, manhood throbbing against his thigh.

I then stood, returned to Waleli, held her once more in my arms, kissed her again, then whispered in her ear. I then tilted her head for a final kiss on both cheeks, and one on the forehead. And as I stepped aside, she stepped forward, and I hopped over the wheels, and down off the bench.

While collecting my things I glanced toward the bed. Waleli stood naked before her husband. Her hands were on her hips and her legs were spread shoulder width apart in order to keep his legs apart.

When I had everything I looked one final time toward the bed. Their positions were the same. And Joe’s arousal still overshadowed his shame, but not by much.

‘Slave,” I said.

“Yes, Master,” said Waleli.

“Kneel and obey my last command.”

She immediately knelt between Joe’s legs, bowed low, grabbed her husband’s cum-soaked cock, and began to slowly kiss and lick it. Once more showing me that she’d learned the lesson well.

Joe was clearly caught off guard. From the looks he’d given me up to this point it was obvious that he figured I was going to do something to embarrass him again. But there is plenty of time. He will learn soon enough, as his wife has, that everything I do, I do for a reason. That’s what it means to be a professional.

When Waleli slowly eased his cock into her wanton mouth Joe closed his eyes, leaned his head back against the headrest, and he smiled wide enough to contort the duct tape over his mouth. And I turned and walked out.

For the moment, my job was done. And, though I am not a seer, it was obvious that the relationship would continue for a very long time.

Black Wolf 20

[All Black Wolf segments are excerpts of a book in progress.]

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12 thoughts on “Black Wolf: First Client (Part Four of 4)

  1. I reread the earlier parts again before reading this final part so I could experience it all at once, and all I can say is…wow!. A unique premise and character, and as a reader I can tell you have definitely got experience as a Dom. Let me know when the book is finished, I would really love to read it.

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    1. If properly warmed up most people can take more than they ever imagined.
      Good luck getting refocused at work. And thanks, Rose. Your comments are always fun to read.

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