D/s: Prefer real scenes: (Pt.2) In tune with each other

In the first part of this series I explained how kat and I prefer to incorporate sex into our daily activities, hobbies, past-times, etc., instead of participating in the standard pretend play scenes (like Master/slave, Teacher/student, Doctor/nurse). And I ended the post by explaining how my love for motorcycles can and has been included in our sex-life.

Today’s post will touch on a few ways we utilize music to enhance our sex-life.

I’ve been involved with music from an early age. And when asked what I play, I usually tell people I’m a drummer, because that’s the instrument I’ve played in a professional capacity the most. In actuality, along with my drum set, I play a couple dozen other percussion instruments; plus a few non-percussion instruments, like guitar, in order to put music to the lyrics I write.

Kat doesn’t play any instruments (unless you want me to put in a “skin flute” joke here), but she loves music, and she’ll break out singing whenever the mood hits her.

I wrote a post about a year ago, entitled “Correlations between Music’s benefits, mood, and the D/s experience,” that discussed using specific music tracks to set the mood before, during, and after sex. So, I won’t rehash it here: although, that’s one way we utilize music to enhance our sex-life.

In this post I’m going to stress the use of making music to arouse kat, along with turning the act of playing music into an erotic session.

In tune with each other & In the mood

Being in the mood, emotionally, is a big part of enjoying sex; in fact, if you’re emotionally disconnected it’s a chore to even begin. This is especially true for women, since their natural thought process is more emotionally driven than males. Thus, it would behoove you Doms, especially males, to ensure your subs are in a positive emotional mindset prior to any pleasure-seeking sessions.

Music is one of the tools kat and I use to get into or maintain a positive emotional state of mind. Yes, we’re one of those crazy couples that spontaneously (or intentionally) begin singing favorite tunes. And, depending upon the tunes, those times take away stress and inspire playfulness, laughter, and yes—even romance: getting us in the mood.

Other times I like to surprise kat by serenading her with a favorite love tune, or a song I wrote for her. And if you’ve ever seen (or felt) how appreciative a music loving woman gets after being serenaded with a song written just for her, you can understand why my list of songs written strictly for kat continues to grow.

You’ve heard that old saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Well, I believe the opposite should be, “Heaven hath no favor greater than the love of a happy and appreciative woman.” In other words, the rewards far exceed the effort, so I’ll continue to write songs for kat, and serenade her, no matter how old-fashioned some people think it is.

Drum Therapy

Kat and I don’t use music just to get into the mood for sex. Let me verify that it’s possible to begin sex while still making music; especially if you’re a drummer, and your sub (and #1 fan) straddles you on the throne.

Talk about drum therapy: I assure you that fucking a pussy or ass while beating out the primal rhythms to Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever” or Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta’ Love” is extremely de-stressing and therapeutic. It creates an entirely new definition to a climactic crescendo.

Speaking of drum therapy—yes, it’s a real thing; google it if you doubt me—it’s a perfect activity to combine with impact play. I simply substitute kat’s sexy ass for my drums.

It’s fascinating how the various rhythms—African, Latin, rock, jazz, blues, even classical— can elicit different moans, whimpers, and screams of pleasure from a sexually insatiable sub.

Last word

The playful, exploratory, and experimenting attitudes kat and I have regarding sex make it easy to include sex into our daily activities, hobbies, past-times, etc. And it guarantees our sex-life never stagnates.

Start looking for ways to spice up your sex-life, or use sex to spice up your activities (like chores). It’s beneficial either way. And stay tuned for the next installment of this series of posts, and discover another normal activity we’ve made above normal with the inclusion of sex.

PS: May you always feel the rhythm of the day, and your nights be forever orgasmic.

sexy drumming 4


[First Part of this series (Bad to the Bone) can be found here.]


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