D/s: Prefer real scenes: Pt.3 Feeding the senses

This is the third part in a series of posts telling how kat and I incorporate sex into everyday activities, hobbies, past-times, etc.

Sensory play is well-known in the D/s world. The standard versions usually have the sub bound and blindfolded while the Dom chooses a variety of items to tantalize her senses.

However, this is a series about how we find sexual stimulation with everyday activities. So, this post will discuss art/photography, massages, and romantic dining, because sensory stimulation and sexual arousal can be achieved with each.

art model 4

Like music (mentioned in Part 2), I’ve been involved with a variety of art since I was young. And it was evident from a young age that I favored figurative art over the rest. The expressive qualities of face and form seduced my artistic urge and never let go.

Kat and I accept the fact that males are primarily visually stimulated, while females are primarily emotionally stimulated. So, as a male with a strong artistic side, I respond well to visual stimulation.

Utilizing art and photography helps me pacify my visual yearnings. And, since kat is my muse in the majority of all my creative outlets (music, writing, art, etc.), she’s become my primary model.

In the beginning of our relationship, during the long-distance phase, kat blessed me with sexy selfies to pacify my visual need. Since then we periodically have photo sessions: one type of photo session is strictly for sensual photos for my private collection, and another type of session is to experiment with poses to create compositions for the next series of figure art I’ll be working on.

If you long-term readers of our blog are wondering what kat gets out of the photo sessions, since she’s made it clear that she is not totally comfortable being stared at; well, she does like to make her Dom happy by visually stimulating me, but we make sure to incorporate other forms of stimulation into the activity.

We both love tactile stimulation, so I constantly touch her throughout the sessions. And kat loves my voice, and particularly loves when I arouse her emotions by mind-fucking her with words. In other words, photo sessions have a tendency to turn into fuck sessions.

massage 2

Kat would be the first to tell you that when I get interested in something new I’m not satisfied to leave anything half-learned: I go all the way. That includes simple things like giving my mate a back or foot rub.

I studied how to give a variety of massages from basic to deep tissue to full-body erotic massages. I then studied reflexology for hands and feet. Hell, I even took the knowledge of pressure points I learned during years of martial arts training, acquired more knowledge,  and retrained myself in acupressure techniques: stimulating wellness instead of harm.

Simply put, this is one of those areas where kat receives the biggest rewards. I can de-stress her when she’s stressed, invigorate her when she’s lethargic, put her to sleep when she’s wired, or initiate a mind-blowing or multiple orgasm. And I assure you, I get my share of satisfaction as well.

While touch is clearly the primary sense stimulated with massage, visual stimulation goes hand-in-hand with it. Plus, smell, taste, and auditory stimulation can be included. There are many possibilities to explore when you begin.

nude dining 11

Romantic Dining
Kat and I enjoy dining out, but we prefer to shut ourselves off in our own little world. And we’ve found that dining in is far more romantic and sexually stimulating.

This is another area where all the senses can be stimulated. Sure, taste is a big part of the actual meal, but the entire session can be geared toward combining stimulation of all senses. Just think of the senses being used in the following settings:

Having a picnic in front of the fireplace in the dead of winter, sans clothing.

De-stressing with soft tunes, candlelight, drinks and snacks, while soaking in a Jacuzzi or tub.

Spending a weekend in bed relaxing, eating, and fucking.

And one of my favorites, eating an entire meal off kat’s naked body: although items like honey and chocolate can often be used singularly on body parts to satisfy our sweet-tooth while arousing our senses sexually.

Last Word
A little thought given to daily activities and how they stimulate certain senses is worthwhile, especially if you’re looking for a new way to spice up more areas of your life. Kat and I never look at anything we do with the same old perspectives we used to have. We’ve found that nearly everything can be spiced up with a little thought, creativity, and effort.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series, but don’t stay stagnate…try making something you do continually a lot more fun with a bit of sexual ingenuity.

PS: May your thoughts come alive and your sex-life revive, but most of all, may your love forever survive.

6 thoughts on “D/s: Prefer real scenes: Pt.3 Feeding the senses

  1. You’ve covered quite a bit of territory here, Daddy, a veritable smorgasbord of ideas couples can use to spice up and change up their sexual encounters. And I have to say, it’s quite wonderful to be with a man who has such an inventive mind. 😉
    Great post, my love.♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post is amazing! I love how you incorporate sex into lots of different areas, and sounds as though sensuality is key. Esther Perel says foreplay for your next encounter should begin the moment you finish the last, and this is it 🙂 I write about having a low sex drive so this is really important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know Perel said the quote, but Kat and I have incorporated that attitude from the beginning of our relationship.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for the response.


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