Rhyme and Reason

This blog is just one of numerous ways I express myself
But me, myself, and I are so much more
The same is true of kat…
what’s been said, or written, or read
It’s just a small part of what we think,
what we feel,
what we explore, cherish, adore…
perhaps even an occasional thing we deplore
Whatever is going on in our hearts or heads;
at least with the primary topics
we’ve chosen to touch upon in this blog…
or additional tidbits from time-to-time,
which doesn’t sound like much of a crime to me

Unfortunately, we too have experienced
what some of you have experienced
when utter fools vomit their comments
derived from brain farts and shriveled hearts
But in a society, that trades J.C. for PC
and tradition for perdition
and sedition—with no better solution,
along with the socio-political point-the-finger
but pass-the-buck never touch the truth omission,
what else could we expect?
When over half the population
cannot intelligently explain why they believe
what they claim to believe
because they’ve acquired their beliefs through sound bytes
instead of reason, research, and experience…
it continually grows an environment
that breeds the technologically plugged-in
but socially disconnected miscreants
that wander the web
and spew chunks of negative chatter
verbal blood splatter
because they know no better way—
like the Mad Hatter

As I always say,
“intelligence without common sense is nonsense”

For those of you that have experienced it
like us, do not fear nor fret
their infantile path to future regret
Forever lost on their self-defeating quest
to Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame
They, like jesters, verbally masturbate
into the lives of strangers
for 15-nano-seconds of infamy

When such fools comment on our blog
kat and I press delete with a smile
and repeat delete if they return after awhile
They do not merit more,
but they do merit less,
for they, like all with entitlement attitudes,
forever take, but produce nothing of value in return
So, we simply spurn their attempts to ignite
a flame of discontent,
which is merely a mask of weak minds
and insecurity,
and the lackadaisical way
of elevating themselves in their own eyes…
by denigrating others,
because they lack the intelligence, character, or talent
to elevate themselves any other way

Kat and I enjoy blogging,
along with the rest of our interests and activities
And the pranks and depravities
of puny-minded pud-nockers
and virtual world stockers
need to stay in their place of disgrace…
cuz’ they’ll never be given space in ours.
After all, delete is so easy to repeat

loud mouth 20

PS: Now that I’ve had my say on the mean-spirited trolling internet assholes of humanity—
I hope and wish the rest of you good people have a nice day.

10 thoughts on “Rhyme and Reason

  1. I’ve learned through the years that common sense has become rather uncommon. So far I’ve been lucky enough to have the trolls bypass my blog. And I’m grateful that the delete button exists for those who can’t expresses themselves with civility. Thank you both for your insightful, interesting, and enjoyable posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well said, Daddy! ♥️
    There has always been and always will be, people who take offense at anyone daring to express an opinion they don’t agree with. And sadly, this attitude is epidemic anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

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