Alpha’s quotes: a new series

During our holiday hiatus I took some time to compile a few hundred original quotes into a collection. They run the gamut from humorous to witty to just plain common sense. There are more than enough to fill a book, but I decided to post them on the blog first (a little at a time). If they spark a giggle or grin it’s worth the effort.

“Don’t order your sub to squat with spiked ankle-cuffs on.”

“A strip-tease without the tease will never please a Dom.”

“Don’t bother your sub when she submissively squats to please you—unless she’s smothering you!”

“There never was a sub that couldn’t be rode, but a Dom that can be throwed is either too drunk or too old.”

“Never ask a Dom the size of his whip, cuz’ any whip flicked cracks mighty quick.”

“It’s not the size of a Dom’s dick that counts if he mind-fucks his sub before he mounts.”

“After a solid month of blow-jobs and pussy, even a switch to pussy and blow-jobs is good.”

“In D/s, sub-drop refers to a sub’s emotional letdown; unless, of course, their Dom bought the cheapest rope for suspension sessions.”

“Definition of a poser: a dickless wonder that’s still the biggest dickhead you’ll ever meet.”

“A tail wagging sub won’t stop till you spank it, ream it, or fuck it—preferably all three.”

Have a wonderful New Year in 2018!

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