Alpha’s Quotes: 3rd list

Here’s the third installment of the humorous, witty, or common-sense quotes.


“There are many ways to make a sub caterwaul, but spanking, reaming, and fucking work so well, you’ll probably forget the others.”

“A flatulent sub that is bound and gagged can’t warn her Dom as he starts to ream her.”

“An effortless Dom isn’t worth a sub’s effort to satisfy.”

“Only a true switch can top herself / himself.”

“Even a mature Dom wonders if he’s in the Twilight Zone when his sub’s time of the month goes from ‘yes, Sir’ to ‘oh, hell no!’”

“It’s foolish to boast about what you’re packing when you can’t perform once you penetrate.”

“Deep, low and slow can fuck for hours, while fast can’t last, so you’re quick to the showers.”

“A sub that’s nervous won’t do you much service, so ease her in and let the pleasure begin.”

“Mature Doms have the ability to make good decisions—which is achieved from the ability to learn from their bad decisions along the way.”

“Topping from the bottom is like pissing in the wind, it’s bound to come back on you.”


Have a good day.

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