Alpha’s Quotes: 4th installment

This is the fourth installment of the new series of humorous, witty, or common sense quotes by Alpha.


“Many Doms enjoy male-G spot stimulation, and some actually man-up to it—either way, subs service their ass.”

“D/s isn’t about following trends—not even those started in the D/s world.”

“A sub that kneels out of love and respect will service you for life. A sub that’s forced to kneel will forever cause you strife.”

“Relationship fact: there is no worse fate than having an incompatible mate.”

“A sub that accepts a poser’s proposition plays a main role in their own destruction.”

“A Dom that carelessly forgets after-care for their sub will soon not have a sub to care-after.”

“Even a firm butt spanked hard becomes a tender treat.”

“A Dom that doesn’t know the difference between flogging a sub and flogging a log will forever be stuck flogging his.”

“A Dom that masters his tongue communicates well—and performs amazing cunnilingus.”

“Self-discovery continues throughout a D/s journey for everyone—except quitters.”


Have a good day!

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