You will bomb as a Dom

If you do it for the bragging rights
Or simply for the sexual heights
You will bomb as a Dom

If you do it for the power trip
And cause your sub to slide and slip
You will bomb as a Dom

If you overuse and abuse protocols
All service to you while your sub falls
You will bomb as a Dom

If you love to whip and flog sub flesh
But forget after-care, no time for sub to refresh
You will bomb as a Dom

If you love to spank and crank out sub tears
But fail to alleviate all your sub’s fears
You will bomb as a Dom

If you love to bind and gag your slave
But never reciprocate the things they crave
You will bomb as a Dom

If you thrive on the pain your sub will feel
But deny their pleasure you’ll break the deal
You will bomb as a Dom

If you fail to fulfill the wants and needs of your sub
While keeping them protected and safe… well here’s the rub
You will bomb as a Dom

If you do not possess the capabilities
To fulfill all the Dominant’s responsibilities
You will definitely bomb as a Dom

13 thoughts on “You will bomb as a Dom

  1. As a female who is trying to become apart of this lifestyle. I really feel like this needs to be published as a rule book for Doms. The ones I have conversed with really need to read this. Because for newcomers like myself who are shy, and nervous, with no experience. The doms I have spoken to make you not even want to participate.

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    1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of posers and wannabes out there pretending to be doms. They get into it just for the sex, and forget their responsibilities to their sub because they don’t really want a relationship. Take all the time you need in the beginning to find a truly compatible mate. Then build the D/s lifestyle into the solid relationship and it will be perfect.
      I’ve been in it a long time, and all the best couples have chosen to use D/s as a means to enhance the loving relationship they built first.
      Those who start with public play and hookups rarely ever last in relationships.
      Good luck.

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      1. You’re welcome.

        By the way, I read your blog. Keep going and don’t get discouraged. I went thru two marriages and a lot of bachelor time before finding kat (my soulmate). Just find a way to enjoy the journey till that day arrives.

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  2. Great post, Daddy. Thanks for pointing out (in your own unique way) that a sub’s needs and wants are just as important as a Dom’s, that a relationship, whether D/s or vanilla, is a two-way street. ♥️

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