Award-Free Blog

We’ve received multiple nominations for various awards. And, while kat and I appreciate each nomination—accepting them as confirmation that we’re touching a few people with our words and efforts—we decided early on that this would be an award-free blog.

We want to make it clear to our followers—especially those who have taken the time to nominate us—that we do not wish to offend anyone when we decline the nominations.

Making the blog award-free from the beginning was a personal choice based on negative experiences with other blogs we had prior to Alpha & kat.

We hope our efforts and words continue to touch others in some positive way, and your likes and comments are always encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

12 thoughts on “Award-Free Blog

    1. Thanks for the response. Sorry it took so long to reply, we found this had been sent to the spam file. For all the good with WordPress it still has a lot of glitches.

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  1. I haven’t posted in months because certain negative aspects seemed to suck my joy out of blogging. So, I’m glad you’re doing what you feel you need to in order to keep the positive energy flowing. And, I for one, have been blessed and thoroughly entertained by your blog.

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      1. I begin to see your point more and more. I understand the reasons for the rules but find the necessity to nominate a large number of bloggers with each award a pain. I now follow a good number of blogs. It is difficult to pick people to nominate without leaving someone of merit out. It is also difficult to avoid renominating someone who has been nominated by another. I may go this route eventually.

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      2. That was part of the issues we had. There were others, like coming in contact with sites that were nothing but “award-mills”, that’s all they did. And some got very belligerent if people turned them down. It wasn’t worth the effort. As JW has said, it sucked the good energy out of the experience.
        Thanks, CM.

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