Alpha’s response to a humbled kat

Humble Pie,” the recent post written by kat was hard for her to write. It’s not easy for most people to admit when they screw-up, especially when they screw-up royally. And, believe me, when kat said she “had to eat a big slice of humble pie,” she wasn’t kidding. She probably gained 20-lbs of humbleness in a single sitting.

Admirably, kat chose to do the post. It is not part of the punishments / consequences that I’ve meted out to atone for her disrespectful act.

Being her Dom and the recipient of the disrespectful act—make that extremely disrespectful—I have the right to expose her deceptive actions. It would be an interesting story and a good object lesson for others.

But I am kat’s Dom and have a greater responsibility to her. And she’s already punishing herself more than any outside influence could ever achieve. So, this story must wait to be told till the day we can both laugh at it in hindsight.

Regarding consequences, I’ve assigned some special tasks for kat to accomplish prior to my return home.

One of the consequences is a writing task specifically designed to make kat relive the incident as a learning experience. She has to spell out exactly what she did, what led up to it and why she believes she would choose to do something so contrary to who she is normally. She must also include a formal apology to me with a promise to accept all punishment and consequences and never do anything like it again.

The second task is the deterrent task. I will not divulge the specifics, but it is a displeasing task from kat’s standpoint to deter her from ever deciding to do the same “naughty girl” action ever again.

Those of you that read kat’s post know that upon my return home she will receive a well-deserved spanking. But she knows it will be delivered without anger, and from a foundation of love. With plenty of after-care to begin the healing.

After that we’ll both be able to put it behind us and move forward: kat healing from the guilt and shame, and me healing from the hurt of fresh cuts to the heart (metaphorically speaking of course).

15 thoughts on “Alpha’s response to a humbled kat

  1. A learning task and a deterrent task, that’s an interesting way to do it. Oh, and of course the spanking. You can’t forget that.

    Seriously, I hope you two can heal from this and move on quickly.

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    1. There’s no doubt about moving forward, since our relationship is not built on D/s but a foundation of unconditional love. The D/s merely enhances the relationship.
      Thanks, JW.

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  2. I am glad that you have both chosen to write what you have about this. I understand the decision not to provide details but what you have said is helpful in that it gives a realistic picture of how things actually are. There is always the tendency to only write about the positives and I like your blog because the two of you are honest enough to tell the whole story. We all mess up, and the important thing is how we deal with that and move on. Thank you for being open 😊

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    1. From one who does the same with your posts, I greatly appreciate the thoughtful and heartfelt response. And I know kat will too when she reads it. Thank you, Missy.

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  3. Thank you, Daddy, for allowing your girl to make atonement for her grievous action. I’m more than ready for you to bend me over your knee and administer a well-deserved spanking, and let it all fade into the past. ♥️

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    1. The action was bad, but how you’ve owned up to it has been exemplary. So, once the spanking is over there will be no further repercussion since you’ve already finished the other tasks ahead of schedule. And you know I’ll always love you, baby.

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  4. I know Kat is heart broken and wants to atone and please you, the fact that you love each other deeply certainly will help this to pass without long lasting damage. You are an inspirational couple in that you love each other first, and your lifestyle is not a game, but truly your life. Best wishes

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