Taken in Hand

Ordered to lie
Facedown on bed
Blindfold on eyes
Hands tied, legs spread

Hard smack of hand
On panty-clad ass
Wanton hips rise
Lips gasp

Rough hand jerks panties
Down to quivering knees
Leather softly caresses
Please, Daddy, please…

Slap…squeal of pain
Slap…moan of pleasure
He knows what she craves
He’s taken her measure

Rosy blush that blooms
Dusky bruises that form
Will color her world
And keep her heart warm

His marks on her body
Will be a reminder every day
To mind her Daddy Dom
Or she will pay

But please tell me this—
Is a sound spanking really pay
Since she’s been a good girl
Or instead fundamental play

For kat needs Daddy
To take her in hand
To tame her wild side
And prove he’s a man

11 thoughts on “Taken in Hand

  1. Excellent, baby. Although, I just want to keep your wild side in check. I don’t really want to tame it. After all, it’s part of you, and too much fun.

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  2. Absolutely love this, every word so very true, for every sub and Dom. A very talented poem. But your wild side is part of you, I’m more bratty and v stubborn, but it’s whom I am, Master knew this before we became a D/s couple. And if I’m bratty and have my fun, it means Master can punish me by having his fun. A win win game, I think lol xxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much!
      It’s a wonderful thing to have a Master/Dom who loves all that makes you who you are, and operates within it. Yes, it is a win-win game. 😊


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