Kamama (Butterfly) Unmasked

[Another contribution by JW, from his Native American Collection.]

Whoever named you Kamama (Butterfly) Maiden obviously never took the time to know you. It is true, like Butterfly, your beauty defines the dawn. When light caresses your raven hair it sparkles like morning dew on the wispy threads of Spider’s web, freshly woven overnight. And when the first rays of Sun kiss your face the gleam in your eyes, sheen of your skin, and radiance of life can easily compare to Butterfly’s dazzling shimmer, fragile fairy-like wings, and dance of colors. But that is where the similarities cease.

Beautiful you are, but fragile you are not. You were born through natural childbirth while your mother squatted on the kitchen floor of a ramshackle shack that lacked the basic necessities of a narcissistic profit driven culture. I thought it fitting when your mother mentioned switching from traditional songs of birth to Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” throughout the pushing phase. No women-kin arrived to assist till after the delivery when you lay bloody on your mother’s stomach, still joined by the uncut cord.
You are feminine but firm. A lifetime of hauling water home a half-mile twice daily helped with that. You also chopped, hauled, and stacked wood; caught and cleaned fish, and tended a garden during the fickle growing season.

Your character matches your body – feminine but firm – not flittery and fluttery and fragile like Butterfly. But not imposing, just focused and filled with purpose. You are like Hawk; smaller than Eagle but equally regal, with farseeing vision and predatory skills honed to perfection. As a child you survived poverty. As a woman you conquered it, and help others on the same path. Seeing you sail through each day is like watching Hawk soar on thermals, uplifted, and graceful. And when your prey is spotted – your targeted purpose of the day – you speed forth swift and true.

You are not Kamama (Butterfly) Maiden, you are Lady Hawk… a Peregrine Princess.

lady hawk 5

Beware the Scam

[Another contribution from JW, while I endure more medical stuff.]

I caution the creative individual
who yearns for artistic acceptance.
Beware the scam, as poison.
Poison corrodes confidence in anyone who trusts:
breeds an over-cautious nature for sowing
in a field that requires daily planting.
It inspires naught, but negativism
where positive thinking must abound.
It deceives with tempting novelties
to stroke the fragile ego, so easily bought:
thus, clouding the artistic soul
which should yearn for the challenge
of perfecting poetry and prose.

And to you, who would scam the writer –
the artist –
the dreamer.
You too, should take heed,
and mend your ways while you can.
For the pen is mightier, as the saying goes,
and time, after all, wounds all heels.

The True Perfection

[Another contribution from JW: both art and poetry.]

per-imp-30001 (2)

The true perfection of humanity,
in a sense,
lies within our imperfections.
And vice-versa:
Beauty can be an imperfection.
Doubtless, not the common-thread
we would’ve selected
for ourselves.
Yet a bond, never-the-less,
binding us together.
Humans are equally yoked
in imperfection.
Alas, perfection is merely a state
of mind: often misconceived.
Humanity is a state of being:
a state where we each reside.
Who then, when equally yoked,
has the right to condemn?
Yes, beauty has its appeal,
but it’s still a façade.
After all, today’s beauty
is tomorrow’s has been;
like today’s wannabe
is tomorrow’s never was.
Attempting to uplift oneself
by degrading another,
especially when unable to prove
one’s own perfection, is, sadly,
more than a waste of breath.
It’s a prevailing symptom
of an epidemic.
An ever-increasing pastime…
An ill-inspired comedy of errors…
With but one fate…
a Greek tragedy.

Know when to hold—Know when to fold

Anyone that has ever played poker has probably heard the phrase, “You’ve got to know when to hold, and know when to fold.” And we’ve all heard stories of people who don’t follow that advice and end up losing a lot.

Knowing when to hold and when to fold is also good advice for relationships. In fact, it’s crucial in D/s—BDSM relationships, because of the communication and trust levels required since there are many activities that can cause mental, physical, and emotional harm if the partners are not in tune with each other.

I have shown in prior posts that, statistically speaking, individuals involved in loving relationships before transitioning into D/s—BDSM have a far greater success rate than individuals attempting to find the right mate while they explore the kink world at munches, play parties, dungeons, online hook-ups, etc.

It is just so much easier to begin and build a D/s dynamic into a relationship when you already have a loving foundation, good communication, mutual respect, and trust. That is why, from a psychological standpoint, I always encourage individuals to find a loving mate that is compatible with them in as many areas as possible prior to transitioning to a D/s dynamic. It allows them the best of both worlds while giving them the best chance for a successful D/s relationship. And, as previously stated, all available data that I’ve researched confirms that perspective.

However, that does not mean successful D/s relationships cannot be attained in other ways. Sure, they can. But there will usually be more obstacles to overcome; particularly when trying to find a loving, compatible mate simultaneously while starting a D/s dynamic.

It is hard enough for long-term loving couples to transition into a D/s dynamic. So, you can imagine the additional strain placed on individuals attempting to begin a D/s dynamic when they do not even know important things about their mate; like how much they like or love each other, what areas they may or may not have compatibility, can they communicate well together, do they have mutual respect, and have they had time to earn each other’s trust.

Individuals who begin under such circumstances with so many obstacles ahead of them must remain focused and keep a level head. If they allow themselves to get carried away in the newness of it all, and succumb to the physical cravings and satisfactions instead of keeping a mature perspective, they can and will run headlong into problems that could have easily been avoided.

ZL: After reading about D/s—BDSM she became fascinated with the prospect of being a sub to a loving dom. Never one to wait for what she wants, she plunged into the kink community: both local and online. She communicated with over fifty prospective doms in a two-week period…and made her choice. She then foolishly signed a contract with him during their first meeting/session; and was conned into believing it was a legal document.

He moved in with her, took control, and slowly brought her into a state of seclusion. With very limited contact with family and friends, and trying to be a good sub to a dom that was never satisfied, she became miserable. A situation that would last nearly six-months. She finally told a brother returning from military duty overseas, and he immediately threw the guy and his meager possessions out of her place.

Sadly, while still yearning to be a sub, she was traumatized so much by her first mistake that she has not been able to commit to another dom since. She’s had sessions with over forty doms since that episode—including a few fem-doms—and hasn’t been able to even do a trial commitment.

For anyone considering a jump into the D/s—BDSM world, especially those that do not presently have a loving mate, make sure your head is where it should be. Find out as much about the D/s—BDSM world as you can. Make some online friends, and maybe friends in the local kink community that you can question. And take time to make a plan, one that you intend to stick with and will not alter unless you have a very good reason. And when you spend time with a prospective partner remember the advice: know when to hold, and know when to fold.

A Man is a Man by His Actions

[Another contribution by JW; this one shows more similarities between us, since we both grew up in bad areas, went to the military, and were wounded.]

I’m a boy from the slums where livin’ is rough
Fought daily for survival, you’ve got to be tough
One on one is expected, but one against many is too
Arise and keep swingin’ or they’ll walk all over you

If you can’t take a fall and quickly bounce back
You’ll never earn respect, and they’ll never cut you slack
You learn to be ruthless, when ruthless is called for
But don’t let it change you, not deep in your core

Being ruthless is not the same as being mean
It’s taking others down, but keepin’ it clean
Purely for self-defense or in defense of others
Continue to respect life: fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers

From slums to foreign soil when fightin’ for “Uncle Sam”
For freedom and G.I. brothers… screw the political flim-flam
Busted and bloody, but I returned standing tall
But don’t give me no praise, give it to those who gave all

Dad said, “A man is a man by his actions
not from his years on Earth;
he sweats courage and bleeds honor
and guards integrity for all it’s worth.”

manly 1