A Man is a Man by His Actions

[Another contribution by JW; this one shows more similarities between us, since we both grew up in bad areas, went to the military, and were wounded.]

I’m a boy from the slums where livin’ is rough
Fought daily for survival, you’ve got to be tough
One on one is expected, but one against many is too
Arise and keep swingin’ or they’ll walk all over you

If you can’t take a fall and quickly bounce back
You’ll never earn respect, and they’ll never cut you slack
You learn to be ruthless, when ruthless is called for
But don’t let it change you, not deep in your core

Being ruthless is not the same as being mean
It’s taking others down, but keepin’ it clean
Purely for self-defense or in defense of others
Continue to respect life: fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers

From slums to foreign soil when fightin’ for “Uncle Sam”
For freedom and G.I. brothers… screw the political flim-flam
Busted and bloody, but I returned standing tall
But don’t give me no praise, give it to those who gave all

Dad said, “A man is a man by his actions
not from his years on Earth;
he sweats courage and bleeds honor
and guards integrity for all it’s worth.”

manly 1

8 thoughts on “A Man is a Man by His Actions

  1. Indeed, a man is a man by his actions….he can give it lip service, but it’s his deeds that count. You and I were talking about actions trumping words in regard to expressing love just last night, I think. I suppose that action verses talk can apply to a lot of things. ♥️

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