The True Perfection

[Another contribution from JW: both art and poetry.]

per-imp-30001 (2)

The true perfection of humanity,
in a sense,
lies within our imperfections.
And vice-versa:
Beauty can be an imperfection.
Doubtless, not the common-thread
we would’ve selected
for ourselves.
Yet a bond, never-the-less,
binding us together.
Humans are equally yoked
in imperfection.
Alas, perfection is merely a state
of mind: often misconceived.
Humanity is a state of being:
a state where we each reside.
Who then, when equally yoked,
has the right to condemn?
Yes, beauty has its appeal,
but it’s still a façade.
After all, today’s beauty
is tomorrow’s has been;
like today’s wannabe
is tomorrow’s never was.
Attempting to uplift oneself
by degrading another,
especially when unable to prove
one’s own perfection, is, sadly,
more than a waste of breath.
It’s a prevailing symptom
of an epidemic.
An ever-increasing pastime…
An ill-inspired comedy of errors…
With but one fate…
a Greek tragedy.

4 thoughts on “The True Perfection

  1. JW’s post speaks the truth, but it’s next to impossible for many of us to hold onto that truth. We’re bombarded daily with how we need to look to be desirable, and whether we like it or not, it worms into our brains and sets up housekeeping, making us so insecure we think it’s only a matter of time before our mate abandons us for a more attractive partner. And meanwhile, we’re ashamed of our bodies, and can never truly relax into them. Sad, but true….

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    1. Self-confidence helps create a good self-image, along with believing the opinion of those who truly care for you, instead of listening to the social norms and trends.
      Thanks, baby.


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