Kamama (Butterfly) Unmasked

[Another contribution by JW, from his Native American Collection.]

Whoever named you Kamama (Butterfly) Maiden obviously never took the time to know you. It is true, like Butterfly, your beauty defines the dawn. When light caresses your raven hair it sparkles like morning dew on the wispy threads of Spider’s web, freshly woven overnight. And when the first rays of Sun kiss your face the gleam in your eyes, sheen of your skin, and radiance of life can easily compare to Butterfly’s dazzling shimmer, fragile fairy-like wings, and dance of colors. But that is where the similarities cease.

Beautiful you are, but fragile you are not. You were born through natural childbirth while your mother squatted on the kitchen floor of a ramshackle shack that lacked the basic necessities of a narcissistic profit driven culture. I thought it fitting when your mother mentioned switching from traditional songs of birth to Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” throughout the pushing phase. No women-kin arrived to assist till after the delivery when you lay bloody on your mother’s stomach, still joined by the uncut cord.
You are feminine but firm. A lifetime of hauling water home a half-mile twice daily helped with that. You also chopped, hauled, and stacked wood; caught and cleaned fish, and tended a garden during the fickle growing season.

Your character matches your body – feminine but firm – not flittery and fluttery and fragile like Butterfly. But not imposing, just focused and filled with purpose. You are like Hawk; smaller than Eagle but equally regal, with farseeing vision and predatory skills honed to perfection. As a child you survived poverty. As a woman you conquered it, and help others on the same path. Seeing you sail through each day is like watching Hawk soar on thermals, uplifted, and graceful. And when your prey is spotted – your targeted purpose of the day – you speed forth swift and true.

You are not Kamama (Butterfly) Maiden, you are Lady Hawk… a Peregrine Princess.

lady hawk 5

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