Alpha’s Quotes: 3rd list

Here’s the third installment of the humorous, witty, or common-sense quotes.


“There are many ways to make a sub caterwaul, but spanking, reaming, and fucking work so well, you’ll probably forget the others.”

“A flatulent sub that is bound and gagged can’t warn her Dom as he starts to ream her.”

“An effortless Dom isn’t worth a sub’s effort to satisfy.”

“Only a true switch can top herself / himself.”

“Even a mature Dom wonders if he’s in the Twilight Zone when his sub’s time of the month goes from ‘yes, Sir’ to ‘oh, hell no!’”

“It’s foolish to boast about what you’re packing when you can’t perform once you penetrate.”

“Deep, low and slow can fuck for hours, while fast can’t last, so you’re quick to the showers.”

“A sub that’s nervous won’t do you much service, so ease her in and let the pleasure begin.”

“Mature Doms have the ability to make good decisions—which is achieved from the ability to learn from their bad decisions along the way.”

“Topping from the bottom is like pissing in the wind, it’s bound to come back on you.”


Have a good day.

Alpha’s Quotes: continued

Here’s the 2nd installment of the new series on quotes (humorous, witty, or basic common sense).

“Beware subs—don’t piss-off your Master if you’re not into golden showers.”

“A Dom that quarrels with a sub commits a major flub.”

“If it was really about tightness, no pussy would ever be fucked again after the Dom got his first piece of ass.”

“Make sure your sub is cleaned out prior to anal penetration or you may need to clean the sheets.”

“If you wake-up in a hole and reality is better than a wet dream, your sub’s a keeper.”

“Reaming an ass before it’s cleaned is doing it ass-backwards.”

“Don’t smack an ass that’s full of gas!”

“A sub that fails to serve her Dom is sub-standard, and may soon be replaced by a substitute.”

“Doms with no self-control are as worthless to a sub as a tick on a dick; and an uncontrollable sub is as satisfying as a eunuch in a harem of hussies.”

“Sloppy seconds are only acceptable if you also went first.”

Have a good day!

Alpha’s quotes: a new series

During our holiday hiatus I took some time to compile a few hundred original quotes into a collection. They run the gamut from humorous to witty to just plain common sense. There are more than enough to fill a book, but I decided to post them on the blog first (a little at a time). If they spark a giggle or grin it’s worth the effort.

“Don’t order your sub to squat with spiked ankle-cuffs on.”

“A strip-tease without the tease will never please a Dom.”

“Don’t bother your sub when she submissively squats to please you—unless she’s smothering you!”

“There never was a sub that couldn’t be rode, but a Dom that can be throwed is either too drunk or too old.”

“Never ask a Dom the size of his whip, cuz’ any whip flicked cracks mighty quick.”

“It’s not the size of a Dom’s dick that counts if he mind-fucks his sub before he mounts.”

“After a solid month of blow-jobs and pussy, even a switch to pussy and blow-jobs is good.”

“In D/s, sub-drop refers to a sub’s emotional letdown; unless, of course, their Dom bought the cheapest rope for suspension sessions.”

“Definition of a poser: a dickless wonder that’s still the biggest dickhead you’ll ever meet.”

“A tail wagging sub won’t stop till you spank it, ream it, or fuck it—preferably all three.”

Have a wonderful New Year in 2018!