Creative Juices

[Warning: Mature content]

My sexy kat is intelligent, fun loving, and has creative talent, all of which I admire. However, while I rarely experience creative blocks (because I have numerous creative outlets), sometimes it takes her awhile to get the creative juices flowing. And during the intermission between good and great ideas she has a tendency to get bored. And when kat gets bored she can become a pain in the ass. Continue reading “Creative Juices”

Session 101

WARNING: mature subject matter

“If you want Daddy to make you feel good, you know what you have to do, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Kat murmured, eyes downcast in loving submission as she knelt before him.

“Say it,” he commanded. “Tell me what you have to do.”

“I have to…to…” Kat’s face flushed with embarrassment. This was all so new to her, but she wanted to please her new love. And he had said that her obedience pleased him.

His fingers tangled in her hair. “Say it.” Continue reading “Session 101”