one and the same

kneeling, head bowed
leather collar fastens around neck
chain attaches, wraps around fist
command to stand, to turn
goose flesh prickles naked form
and she wonders if it will be…
one and the same

behind, body radiating heat
steely hands grip shoulders
breath warm upon nape
rough whisper of voice
promises/threats of sensations to come
and she draws in a shaky breath…
one and the same

ebony silk covers eyes
scarlet cord wraps wrists
hand grasps hair, turns head
possessive lips claim wanting lips
bed kisses breasts and cheek
and quivering, she waits for…
one and the same

Twas the night

[A humorous gift for kat.]


Twas the night of her ravishing,

throughout the whole house,

two creatures playfully stirring

with kinky games, like cat and mouse.

Her stockings were flung

by the chimney without care,

with hope at some point

they’ll bind her when bare.


The children are gone,

sleeping in Grandma’s spare beds,

while we bring to life visions

that have often danced in our heads.

Kat’s eyes covered with her ‘kerchief,

as I give her butt a slap,

so aroused by the pleasure,

she eagerly awaits the strap.


When out on the roof

there arose such a clatter,

so I sprang from our bed

to see what was the matter.

Away to the window

still naked I dashed,

tore open the shutter

and threw up the sash.


Moonlight settling upon Kat’s flesh,

enhancing the hue of her first after-glow,

and gave the luster of midday

to erogenous zones, above and below.

When what to my wandering

eyes should appear,

but a miniature sleigh

and eight tiny reindeer.


With a little old driver

so lively and quick,

I knew it was Bad Santa

hoping to dip his wick.

More rapid than eagles,

his coursers they came,

as he drunkenly shouted

and slurred each ones name:


“Now, Flasher! Now, Biter!

Now, Fighter and Vixen!

On, Cunt-rag! On, Cute-pud!

On, Dung-hill and Sextin’!

To the top of the porch!

Don’t miss it and fall!

We’ll dash away! Dash away!

After my booty call!”


As dry leaves that before

the wild hurricane fly,

when they meet with an obstacle

mount to the sky,

so up to the house-top

the coursers they flew,

with the sleigh full of sex toys

and Bad Santa too.


And then in a twinkling

I heard on the roof

the prancing and pawing

of each clumsy hoof.

As I drew in my head,

and was turning around,

down the chimney Bad Santa

crashed to the ground.


He was dressed all in leather,

from his head to his foot,

and his clothes were tarnished

with dried cum, ashes, and soot.

Adult toys were bundled

and flung on his back,

he looked like a pimp peddling

something for each orifice and crack.


His eyes were all glassy

like all drunks when sloshed.

His bare ass cheeks in chaps were rosy,

but his nose was brown, by gosh!

His droll little mouth was puckered,

as if ready to blow;

and the beard on his chin was white,

but spotted like Frank Zappa’s yellow snow.


The stump of a pipe

he held tight in his teeth,

and the pot smoke encircled

his head like a wreath.

He had a broad face

and a keg-sized beer belly,

that shook when he laughed

like a slapped ass fucked with K-Y jelly.


He was chubby and plump,

a mean grouchy old elf,

and I snickered when I saw him,

in spite of myself.

He tried to wink his lazy eye,

greasy hair matted on his head,

and it was obvious to me,

I had nothing to dread.



He spoke not a word,

seeing I was twice his size,

for allowing him to leave unharmed

he would give me the grand prize.

He dropped the bag of sex toys,

and casually picked his nose,

then flipped me the bird

while up the chimney he rose.


He sprang to his sleigh

and yelled a stern warning,

“The first one of you that snickers

will be venison sausage by morning.”

And I heard him exclaim

‘ere he drove out of sight,

“You damn lucky bastard,

you get to fuck her all night!”



He toys with her like a cat and mouse

But with a far more pleasurable end

Delaying tactics for arousal

For anticipation

But so much more

To give her time to think

Using time like a tool




Thought by agonizing thought

Stripping away fortified layers

Baring more than she’s ever bared

Exposing herself more internally

Than her naked flesh could ever allow

Because it is His will…she obeys

She’s made a commitment

A relationship contract

He’s been true to His word

She will be true to hers

He always has her best interest at heart

In mind…in soul…in body

So she submits…accepts…obeys

And always will


She is His to do with as He chooses

His commands…her obedience

His voice…her response

He’s loving, but firm

Controlling, but kind

She gives up responsibility

Has her wants and needs met

Is protected and safe

She had often thought

The lustful look in His eyes

Would embarrass her

When every inch of her

Is on display

For His inspection

But she quickly discovered

She craves His gaze

As if touched by it

His intense focus ignites her lust

Causes her to burn with passion

To smolder with wanton desire


It is His words

Delivered in a baritone

That has always caught her by surprise

When used in conjunction with time

Tools He wields with mastery

She is laid bare to the marrow

To the depths of her emotions

To the very center of her soul

Improper coping mechanisms

Learned as a child

Give way to the positive reinforcement

Of His commanding presence

As He guides her

Leads her

Sometimes pushes…pulls…

And even carries her

Along the healing path

So she willingly endures

Second-after-second of sensory overload

Minute-after-minute of mental introspection

Hour-after-hour of pain and pleasure-filled passions


And positive reinforcement

In session-after-session of self-satisfying


Because she’s never felt so alive

So free

In touch with her true self

Free just to be

No masks

No walls

No excuses

The Perfect Crime

Oh, the agony
Still in my prime
Covered in grit and grime
What a despicable crime… caper… case
Corruption… disruption… depravity
Someone opened up my chest cavity
And stole my heart


I feel so violated
What am I to do?
I haven’t got a clue
Who could be so evil… immoral… felonious?
It makes me so furious
That people can be so nefarious
And do such deeds

But as I ponder
Something about this is wrong
I still feel strong
If it’s an infraction…malefaction…malfeasance
By a deplorable villain
That possibly needs killin’
Why do I live?


But there is no blood
Was I merely asleep
When into my room did creep
The suspect with prospect of fleecing my heart?
I start to chill
Cuz’ time will tell
More of the truth

As time marches on
Cobwebs disappear
Memories become clear
Where outrage resides…anger subsides…rethinking
That which I thought shady
Has to do with a lady
And what a dame!

Beauty and brains
She dressed the part
Quickly captured my heart
Lovin’ and lustin’…submissive…not ball-bustin’
Obedient, yet playfully freaky
Rump roast, spankable and cheeky
Tight as a vice!


Kat the cat burglar
The woman of my dreams
With no scandalous schemes
Stole my heart with affection…not misdirection
For my heart, she I now possess
In a lifestyle called D/s
A twist of fate

Kat the cat burglar
Pilfered the perfect treasure
One that will give her pleasure
It will cherish and adore her…never deplore her
And the “victim” now wants it left in her possession
No P.D. called; and forever shared at his discretion
The perfect crime!


Wishes: a free form fable

I found a bottle on the beach

It had a dusty musty smell

It looked as if it had been there forever and a day

“What the hell,” I said

I’ll clean it up and see if it has a story to tell

Perhaps it has something good to say

I grabbed a rag and rubbed its shaft

Now, perhaps you think me daft

But it shuddered and grew an inch or two

“What the hell,” I said again

This bottle acts like I’m more than a friend

But I kept rubbing it just the same

Black, blue, green, red

An inch of growth with each new hue

Some kind of mood glass varying emotions

And sure enough…when I’m thinking it can’t get more surreal

Out popped its cork

And it burped some froth and foam that smelled much like the sea

Or perhaps merely fishy

Yet one more surprise caught my eyes

The bottle belched

Perhaps it farted

I do not know for sure

But what came out I soon would learn has no known earthly cure

A sad sack genie if ever I’d seen one

He had no compassion

Nor any fashion

He looked and smelled like a garbage dump

And Grumpy could have been his name

For he did not give away wishes

You had to win a bet

He’d give me three wishes if I could wish once and find true happiness

But if I failed no wishes would I get

Just a bottle of my own to reside in

And if I did not play his game

My outcome would be the same, he said

And he’d wreak havoc on humankind just for spite

Perhaps he tried to scare me

But in truth he only dared me

And I double-dog dare anyone to do that to me and win

I’m as crazy as they come

I take dares just for fun

And it’s going to be a pleasure to pop this genie back in the bottle

“Don’t act so cocky you cocky little shit,” the genie said quite smug

“I have a collection of bottled souls who thought they’d beat me quick”

You dickless wonder, I replied, beating bullies is my drug

I’ll send you back to your glass cell

And I’ll have bragging rights to tell the world about your crazy scheme

Tempting humans with your wishes

Destroying human dreams

“Idle threats,” the genie said, “No one’s ever bested me”

“Make your play

Make your wish

Forever my slave you’ll be”

I stepped up to him, nose-to-nose

I knew what wish to make

Each morning I wish to kiss between my lover’s thighs

Make her shiver and shake, and lick her morning dew

And be able to envision all that she dreamed of us throughout the night

So I can know of her love for me and all she truly desires

Then spark the passion fires

For bringing my love true happiness creates it in me as well

And I’ll need nothing else

So be gone you foolish genie

And take your worthless wishes back to your bottled hell