Best Laid Plans

I’ve rode motorcycles most of my life. No matter which way my energy flows riding a bike grounds me. When I’m angry I ride. When I’m happy or sad I ride. If I’m confused and need to think… you got it…I ride.

I’m sure you get my drift. So, anytime I have to do without riding my life seems out of balance. Exactly the condition I found myself in lately because some drunk motherfucker cut short when turning left from the road he was on and clipped the front of my bike while I was in the right-hand turn lane.

While my bike jolted and twisted out from under me to the left, the inertia catapulted me ass over end to the right. And the intoxicated buffoon continued down the road, weaving all over the place: a hit and run.

So, you can imagine how good it felt to be astride my new Harley-Davidson as I cruised down the street, cut the engine, and coasted into our driveway. I wanted it to be a surprise to kat.

She wasn’t expecting me home for another hour. And she was in the bedroom at the back of the house exercising with the music playing. So, she was startled, like a deer in the headlights, when I entered.

“What are you doing home so early?” she asked.

“I want some quality time with you,” I said.

Which piqued her interest.

“But not here,” I said. “Get dressed and wear your black knee-high boots.”

Kat took some time to freshen up, but was still ready within a half-hour.

She rarely asks where we’re going. She knows me too well. It can be anything from a walk in the park to an elegant dinner to a week in Las Vegas and I still won’t tell.

In my view, everywhere we go is to be used for quality time. Yes, even day-to-day running around. It took me a long time to find my perfect mate. So, we try to make positive memories out of practically everything we do.

When kat was about to exit the house, I stopped her.

“Pull your leggings and panties down,” I said. “And face the door.”

She looked at me inquisitively but complied.

“Spread your cheeks,” I said, while reaching into my pocket.

Knowing what was coming this time, she again complied.

I placed a large dollop of Astro-Glide on the top of the bejeweled butt-plug, then began to rotate it around her tight little anus. After the plug and her asshole were well lubed I began to tease her while testing the resistance of her sphincter to accept the object.

I continued until she began to softly moan and the resistance waned. And I slowly but firmly eased the plug thru the puckered portal of pleasure that has given me more positive memories than I could ever recount.

I grabbed a fistful of kat’s hair and held it tightly as I whispered close to her ear.

“Release your cheeks,” I said. “Now bend forward, hands on knees, legs apart.”

She obeyed.

Without hesitation or explanation, I began to spank kat’s sexy ass. I predominantly start barehanded, and this was no exception. Mostly to warm her up before the harder spanking to come; but also, for my pleasure: enjoying skin-on-skin.

It didn’t take long for her to moan, and her body squirm under my tactile attention. And the double sensations—butt-plug and stinging cheeks—quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm… which I denied.

I gave her a moment to compose herself as I grabbed a belt and folded it in thirds (my preferred style) instead of double like most people I’ve seen.

The swish of the air, loud crack of leather on bare flesh, and the suppressed yelp elicited from kat sent chills thru my body and my cock strained against the zipper of my jeans.

Kat’s whimpers and moans, when she’s completely aroused, also thrill me to the core.

Fuck it! I thought.

I originally planned on denying kat an orgasm before we took the ride. But I’m a spontaneous kind of guy, who thinks most plans are just guidelines. They can be altered at any time.

I gave kat two groupings of fifteen swats with the belt, then fondled and finger-fucked her sopping wet cunt after each grouping. Then finished with a long, hard grouping of thirty swats, that she couldn’t quite finish, beginning an impact orgasm after the twenty-seventh swat: though I finished the other three anyway.

Kat screamed “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” to begin the physical release, which lasted over a minute.

During that time my want became need, and I firmly pushed her against the door, spread her legs wider, forced her to thrust her ass out, shoved down my jeans and shorts, and thrust my throbbing cock deep into her wet pussy.

I fiercely wanted an orgasm but I remained in control and alternated my thrusting patterns. I slammed it in and eased it out, followed by steady half-in half-out thrusts, followed by a rapid in-and-out motion just at the entrance, followed by the slow but constant deep thrusts—which brought kat off again. So, I jackhammered her deep and hard, which sent another orgasm coursing thru her body as I finally shot my cum inside her quivering cunt.

I held her firmly till the throes of orgasmic release subsided, then continued to hold her simply because I love to.

I still planned on showing her the new Harley and taking her for a ride. But, at this point, we could both use a little freshening up.

D/s: Prefer real scenes + Bad to the Bone

D/s: Prefer Real Scenes

Traditional play scenes like Master/slave, Teacher/school girl, Doctor/nurse, and countless others have never been included in our sex-life. Kat and I have experimented with the traditional play sessions in past relationships, with similar results: it didn’t do much for either of us. We have nothing against such play, but they’re not a good fit for our personalities.

We don’t want to pretend to be anyone else: we’re realists. We want to experience our sexuality—through playfulness, exploration, and experimentation—completely as ourselves.

The possibilities for sexual variation are equally limitless when remaining ourselves as they are for those that role-play; plus, we’re never hampered by the perceived boundaries of a character. The only limits we have are the limits of our imagination.

Kat has often told me that she loves my seemingly insatiable appetite for learning and experiencing new things. And, as her Dom, I’ve seen the possibilities—with positive benefits—of incorporating sex into as many areas of interest as we can. It creates a vast arena outside of traditional play sessions to enjoy sexual diversity; plus, it fits our personalities better, since we explore and experience it as ourselves.

So, I’ve decided to write some posts on how sex can be incorporated into areas of interest. Naturally, I’ll be using various daily life situations, hobbies, past-times, and other interests closely related to kat and I.

I’m sure many of you have already done similar activities. But it may spark additional ideas for spicing up the sex-life of couples new to D/s, or even vanilla couples.

couple on bike 8

Bad to the Bone, Good for the Boner

The area I want to begin with is my love of motorcycles. I’ve ridden bikes on and off road since I was young. Bikes have an allure for those who like things cool, fast, powerful, and sexy. They also spark images and thoughts of independence, freedom, Lone Wolves, rogues, rebels, outlaws, and bad boys.

The growl of a Harley when it cranks over is like a badass baritone announcing the arousing festivities are about to commence. When you straddle the steel steed in Levi’s and leather—and your lady cuddles behind you close enough to feel her temperature rise with the throbbing vibrations of the bike between your legs—you can’t help smiling on the inside, while maintaining your exterior cool.

Yes, bikes and babes go together like tongues and clits. And if you can’t think of some sexy possibilities with that combination then Viagra won’t even help you. After all, the primary apparel for babes on bikes is tight-ass jeans, short-shorts, bikinis, and leather. And the leather can be anything from mini-skirts to pants, or vests to chaps. And a babe with leather chaps over panties with sexy butt cheeks exposed is a standard wet dream for any serious biker.

For the more experienced bikers with a taste for thrills, sex at 70-mph or above gets the adrenalin pumping faster than your penis in her pussy. It’s kind of like entering the mile-high club for frequent flyers. But, as you can imagine, it’s dangerous as hell. So, while I considered it in my reckless youth, my middle-age maturity and common sense will not allow me to endanger kat.

However, the throbbing vibration of a Harley—which is far better than any vibrating household appliance women have humped for masturbatory purposes throughout history—is too good not to take advantage of. So, just think of the wonderful possibilities of you and your sub in a modified cowboy or reverse cowboy position atop an idling Harley, and the vibrations varying at the twist of a throttle. Or, how about the same positions while riding slow down a bumpy dirt road.

The vibrations of the bike along with road choice can also be a great way to arouse your sub, or get her off sexually. Sex toys—dildoes, vibrators, and butt plugs—can easily be used in her pussy, ass, or both. It gives a whole new meaning to joy-riding.

On less adventurous days, a bike can still take you to some great secluded spots where you can get naked, skinny-dip, and fuck your brains out in the heat of the sun, or under the moon and stars; whether on the ground, straddling the bike, or simply bending her over it.

The scenario possibilities are endless. For instance, I really like the following Halloween scenario:

Kat wears a pair of her skin-tight jeans—which help secure a plug in her ass—along with sexy knee-high leather boots, and a slinky silk top that blows with the breeze.

We hop on the Harley and go hog-wild visiting half a dozen haunted houses in three adjoining counties. We then head up through an old cemetery to a secluded spot where a rippling brook empties into a lake.

Once there, we pay no mind to the bewitching hour as we suck and fuck for a couple hours; ending with the piece de resistance, removing the butt plug, bending her over the seat of the bike, and fucking and spanking her ass until she screams and cums so long that every critter in the forest knows my name.

Last word

There’s nothing better than enjoying orgasmic bliss doing something you love with the person you love the most. So, if you haven’t done it already, make a list of your daily duties, hobbies, past-times, etc, and begin to find ways to include them in your sex-life. You won’t be sorry.

PS: My next several posts will touch on some other areas kat and I have chosen to include in our sex-life: some to spice up our sex-life, and others to spice up the activity (like chores).

bike babe in chaps 7