Sensory Overload


lips dance

along her supple curves

tongue skates

leisurely on soft skin

mountains to conquer

valleys to explore

her taste intoxicating


mi  amor

insatiable desire


nerve endings


breasts flushed

passionate hues

reaching pinnacle

arched back



brings fevered glow

to southern cheeks

stifled gasp

endearing moans

needy whimper

ever so needy

left alone

to wait


civility abandoned

animalistic cravings





pleading eyes

woeful cry

escapes pursed lips

till it is time

his member felt



slick entry

no longer two




slowly builds










sacred release

sensory overload

another death

and rebirth

with my love


[My love for you consumes me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, kat, my love.]

In Dreams

In dreams…
She exists in another place and time
Before people and circumstances changed her

In dreams…
He recalls a real time and place
When he regained power over a powerless past

In dreams…
She’s sweet sixteen again
Her life spread out endlessly before her

In dreams…
He remembers bad boy status; outcast pride
They tell him a tragic end is set in stone

In dreams…
He crashes into her life
Like waves breaking upon a rocky shore

In dreams…
His playing the field crashes into a solitary desire
And turbulent waters cast him adrift from his lonesome highway

In dreams…
She’s swept up and away
In the green ocean of his dancing eyes

In dreams…
He embraces the waves in a sensual sea
Sunlit radiant smile and her shimmering emerald eyes

In dreams…
He offers her his hand
Strong, steady, secure…knowledgeable

In dreams…
She is eager to accept his strength
While she inspires him to be the best he can be

In dreams…
Her cold fingers reach out
And are swallowed in the warmth that is him

In dreams…
He feels her cold; senses her trembling
Yet he has always been hot-blooded: and radiates

In dreams…
He pulls her up into the light
That shines in the form of his face, his body

In dreams…
He is compelled to draw her to him
Introduced to his other half for the first time

In dreams…
Her back settles against his chest
And he wraps her in the ironclad cage of his arms

In dreams…
He must embrace her; join, meld, merge
Never has he felt so complete and whole; he is home

In dreams…
She is controlled…safe
From the terrors of the outside world and herself

In dreams…
He assumes his place; takes control… protects
Slaying metaphorical dragons without, and demons within

In dreams…
She takes a different path
Than the one her feet set upon so many years ago

In dreams…
He speaks…guides…and she melts
Communication insures a future forever intertwined

In dreams…
He leads, and she follows
Into a life that was always…always, meant to be

In dreams…
He commands; she obeys
Loving dominance, loving submission;

                    love is the key to what was always meant to be…

photo from Pixabay