D/s: Relationship Bond

One of the strongest relationship bonds in this world is the one formed by soldiers that live, train, and go into battle together. I have experienced the bond of brotherhood forged under adversity and fire. And I am still in contact with several of them a few decades after serving together.

However, I have discovered that the D/s dynamic has the potential for an even closer relationship bond when both the Dom and sub commit 100% to the relationship. The respect and trust built during a truly committed D/s pairing allows both Dom and sub to completely be themselves: no lies, no masks, no secrets, just complete acceptance by each other.

I have never found this in any other relationship. And, although I love my brothers-in-arms, and would die for them (as they would for me), there are still parts of me I would never tell them, or show them, but I have no such qualms with kat. She and I have a policy of complete honesty and openness regarding communication. However, it is a policy that can only work with a relationship built on a solid foundation of love, respect, trust, compatibility, and guarding intimacy (along with the aforementioned 100% commitment). Otherwise temptations can creep in that create cracks in the relationship foundation.

The power exchange in the D/s dynamic creates the need for a level of trust that you will never experience in a vanilla relationship. The sub relinquishes partial or total control of their body and certain areas of their life to the Dom. They trust the Dom with the responsibility for fulfilling their wants and needs, while keeping them protected and safe physically and emotionally. And both Dom and sub are expressing a level of vulnerability to each other by accepting the roles which allow them to be who they are without the accepted social norms of society infringing on their needs and desires. And how many vanilla relationships have you been in, or know of, that allow total freedom to express your deepest needs and desires?

Think of the trust level required by a sub to allow herself to be bound and gagged, or to be inspected at anytime by her Dom, or to be used and abused, especially with a pre-agreement of consensual non-consent. And what about the level of trust needed to turn over judgment and punishment of behavior to their Dom?

What about the Dom? Well, he’s showing a side of himself to the sub that no one else is allowed to see; which even includes exploring his own sexual desires, like having his sub stimulate the Male G-spot, etc. And while he’s dominating his sub he trusts himself to remain in control, in order to fulfill his responsibility to his sub and live up to her trust in him.


It is true that this type of relationship has the potential to surpass any other you’ve ever had, especially in the level of trust that can be built, and in the amount of rewards, sexual or otherwise. But like all worthwhile goals you must consider the risks versus rewards.

I have researched relationships, including D/s, from the psychological standpoint for many years. And I’ve had over a dozen years of experience investigating certain specialties. And a couple of things regarding successful D/s relationships stand out better than Godzilla thrashing Tokyo in the noon day sun.


The maturity level of both Dom and sub plays a huge part in the longevity of D/s relationships, as with all relationships, but it is crucial in D/s because of the greater potential for physical and emotional injury.

In all the domestic cases I’ve handled that crashed and burned—vanilla and D/s combined—forty-two percent involved couples under thirty years old. But of the D/s relationships only, the percentage under thirty was 87%.

Why the huge disparity? Isn’t it obvious? Any relationship that has such an extreme power exchange needs to be handled with a greater level of responsibility and maturity.

JG: I became obsessed with doing every new thing I discovered. I pushed “CV” way beyond where she’d said stop. I was addicted to the power of it all. She had to do what I wanted. I took her past her limits. Hell, I totally disregarded her limits completely.

After several abuse of power episodes CV packed and left while JG was at work.

 TL: DD, D/s, BDSM is a trip. It’s all a real head rush. I ain’t ever giving it up. I’ve just had the wrong bitches so far. I want an Lg slave. That’s my dream. But too many tell ya’ they want the same thing, then can’t take it. Fuckin’ cry babies. I mean I want ‘um to cry, but when I make ‘um cry. Not when they whine…whine…whine…whine…whine!

TL used and abused four subs in seven months. The fourth filed charges against him.

CC: I major in women’s studies at (bleep) college. It’s really given me a great outlook on life and where I’m going. And being a Domme is a big part of that. But since I’m Bi, I have two subs: a slave girl (FM) and a panty boy (KT). I had another panty boy (AJ), but that little faggoty piss-pot is trying to get me in trouble. That’s why I’m here. He couldn’t take it. He just hates all women, that’s all. I should’ve seen it from the beginning, and I wouldn’t be in this mess.

CC filmed her sessions with AJ and put them online without his consent, and branded her initials on his penis while he was bound and gagged.

Power over another human without the maturity level to be responsible with that power is a disaster waiting to happen.



The relationship foundation is critical to the success of any relationship, but especially for any relationship that has a power exchange. And I know I’ve said this many times, and will say it again because it really is that crucial.

If your relationship is not built on a solid foundation of love, respect, trust, compatibility, communication, and total commitment then you’re denying the truth and lying to yourself about the relationship’s potential. You’ll never have a successful loving relationship based on physical attraction and sex alone.

Last Word

My experience, observations, and all the research I’ve read clearly shows that couples that have already established a loving relationship (preferably longer than two years) have the best chance to succeed when they decide to integrate the D/s dynamic into their relationship. This does not mean that there are not exceptions to the rule, but even with the exceptions the maturity level of the participants is a major factor.

From Pud to Stud

They say, “Youth is wasted on the young”

Sad, but true, especially when it comes to love—and sex

Mostly sex

I can easily recall the days of rock hard abs

Wet dreams every night

Woodies every morning

Pre-teens and teens claiming to be studs

For getting to first base

Maybe second

And heckling your buddies

For beating their puds

While lying

And denying

Pubescent pecker parties of one


Perhaps twice

Even thrice



Each year older and a little bolder

The lies grow exponentially

Beyond the fractions of your actions

Your best bud beats you

He’s the first to go all the way

“For real,” he says

Till you find out

From a friend of a friend

He shot his wad on her panties

Before his dick ever touched her quim

Then fate chooses to be kind

With your first time all the way

You earn the right of a shit eating grin

You play with her pussy

Then stick it right in

Before your five second fiasco

But what a glorious five seconds

Till she complains about your lack of stamina

And you try to compare it to rodeo stars

Where eight seconds is all that’s required

But your sales pitch fails

And the jail bait bails

Though you call after her

Claiming we can try again

And she drops you even lower

“Come back when you become a man”


If you survive the embarrassment of youth

The day does arrive when you become a man

Perhaps even a stud

But only if you’ve learned the art of the mind-fuck

You’ve got to capture a woman’s emotions

Long before the oral

The vaginal

The anal

And all other pleasures you take in hand