Total Eclipse vs Solar Fuck Fest

“Come one, come all,” I’ve heard all year

See the total eclipse of the sun

And you live in a place to see it well

You’ll have oodles and boodles of fun


You’ll have people come to town

That have never been here before

Perhaps a quarter-of-a-million folks

And some say maybe more


NASA has already sent a team

Months ahead for preparation

To tell of the Solar Fest

It’s more fun than masturbation


And have you heard how properties

Up for sale in these three counties

Have been bought by greedy bastards

In order to charge exorbitant bounties


And all the local establishments

Are hawking Solar Fest fare

Like cheap ass glasses to scorch your eyes

You forgot “buyer beware”


And because of the looky loos a comin’

The rainbow crowd has come to roost

Not to brighten the festivities

But they sure give our crime stats a boost


I know exactly where I’ll be

During the total solar eclipse

Watching kat’s sexy ass moon the sun

Shading me as I lick her pussy lips


And while all the millions stare at the sun

Some that will even risk going blind

I’ll gladly send kat to sub-space

While butt-fucking her from behind


So go on and enjoy your total eclipse

If that’s really the best you can do

I’ll spend it with kat who’s eclipsed my heart with hers

Cuz’ my folks didn’t raise no fool


And when you go to tell your tale

About how you enjoyed Solar Fest

Standing like an idiot staring at the sun

I’ll speak of a tale concerning kat’s tail

And know that it’s I who was truly blest

And wisely enjoyed the greater fun


eclipse 13

Alpha’s Dietary Supplement

[Warning: Mature Content]


Should I be considered a perverted gent

for liking a dietary supplement

that isn’t sold over the counter?

I just happen to be very keen

on a nourishing treat called pussy protein

and take my fill before I mount her.


Flat on her back or riding my face

I extract her elixir with tongue-and-cheek grace

and make sure she whimpers and moans with delight.

Very supportive she helps with my need

enduring orgasms while on her pussy I feed

she even asks if I want a second helping, how polite.


Between my lover’s legs I love to dine

the texture and taste are truly sublime

and it improves my quality of life.

Good for my taste buds and good for my body

a soothing sensation like a succulent hot toddy

and a satisfied wife means goodbye to strife.


I prolong the arousal to increase the tasty fare

and hog all the protein, but the pleasure I share

cuz’ I know my sub has her own protein treat.

She gives and I take, then inject mine into her

with three pleasure ports, we often mix and stir

slick, warm, and salty, but always emotionally sweet.


So if you’re feeling poorly or your relationship is dull

I recommend pussy protein daily; it’s the only way to go!