All is fair in love and war

At first you swear you’ll never do

Anything you’d ever deplore

Until you come to realize

All is fair in love and war


I’ve spent my time in a uniform

Been ordered into “harm’s way”

I’ve fired a gun and killed someone’s son

And was glad to live another day


Days of “the end justifies the means”

I hoped never to live anymore

Till the perfect woman stole my heart

And all is fair in love and war


Something about her captured my thoughts

Out the door I didn’t want her walking

I knew I could love her forever

I just had to keep her talking


She didn’t want a relationship

She’d experienced heartache galore

But I refused to lose this jewel

Cuz’ all is fair in love and war


There was another in her life

But it was not a love triangle

He proved unworthy of her love

And true love was always my angle


He showed his love with money

Tried buying her heart from a store

I showed her true passion in action

Cuz’ all is fair in love and war


Whatever would help me I’d use

All that I have and my talents I’d give

If it meant my dream would come true

And forever with her I would live


I don’t give a damn about the rules

I’m addicted to her to my core

So I’ll do what it takes to please her

Yes, all is fair in love and war


And if someone ever hurts her

Or attempts to steal her away

They’ll feel how much I truly believe

There’s no such thing as “fair play”


I am an Alpha… and kat

Is the lady I truly adore

And I’m extremely territorial

And all is fair in love and war

love and war 8

D/s Debate

Are we so enlightened in the information age?

Let me give you a peek, allow me to set the stage

A college debate on a campus where you hope to learn

Yet myths, like wildfires, are taught, spread, and burn


But in this place of learning, where some allowed to teach

Think all they know is all there is, so that is all they preach

They point to words upon a page, a textbook filled with ink

And swear it’s true and factual, but printed lies still stink


Relationships were the core of today’s class debate

Specifically the D/s type; and the ill-informed spewed hate

Myths surrounding the topic were claimed to be fact

Vomiting their foolish claims with very childish tact


Did any have experience in what they talked about?

Not one was the consensus, but louder they did shout

“Well, I do live a D/s life,” I said with a great big smile

“And your myths are totally absurd; they miss it by a mile.”


Some say D/s is just for sex, some say it’s all about pain

Some say it’s a bully magnet, and others have a masochistic vein

Some say subs are always weak, and Doms are always cruel

But the only time the above applies is the exception to the rule


Some say it’s just for legal rape, some say it’s just for sin

Some say it’s just a mental quirk where boys can play like men

Some say it’s just misogynist, another exploitative tool

But all who claim such myths talk from their ass like a fool


D/s is merely an enhancement of a couple’s loving foundation

Free to be me, strong intimacy, and open communication

My sub is strong and bows to no one, except to me by choice

And though I make the final call, I always respect her voice


A legitimate Dom should never need to exert his will by force

The agreed upon dynamic holds both partners to their charted course

Though a firm hand may be needed it satisfies the sub’s desires

And both their wants and needs are met through maintaining passion’s fires


Supporting each other daily, allowing both personalities to shine

D/s is a win-win situation when hearts, minds, and actions align

So don’t believe the myths and tales by those without a clue

Cuz’ there will always be shithouse squawkers that talk out of their ass like a fool

Dreamer and Dream

Into the room where I did go

Saw kat, my love, with her head hung low

Inside she screams

Cuz’ she has no dreams

While mine continue to flow


Fret not my love, my life, my queen

You hold the best part of the scheme

You do not lose

When you snooze

I’m merely the dreamer—but you are the dream


A dream come true is your part to play

From dark to light my heart you do sway

My only pleasure

My dearest treasure

My cherished beta who loves and obeys


True Love and Valentines

True Love

For most of my life, if you would have asked me if I believe in true love—unconditional love—I would have said, yes; but I would say it’s harder to find than a polar bear in Alaska in the middle of winter in a history-setting blizzard with complete white-out conditions. Continue reading “True Love and Valentines”

My Alpha

December 31st is a special day. To most, it’s New Year’s Eve, but to me, it’s more than that…much more: it’s Alpha’s and my anniversary—of the day we met.

On the last day of the year, Alpha and I crossed paths for the first time. It was a chance meeting, no introduction by friends was made, just two people swimming along in the vast ocean of humanity bumping into each by chance.

Or was it just chance?

Alpha is a man of faith; He believes God brought us together. I don’t know what I believe other than I feel it is nothing short of a miracle that two people who lived thousands of miles apart somehow found their way to each other.

The road that brought us together was long and rough and potholed with heartbreak—for both of us. The wreckage of two failed marriages littered the highway in my wake; one failed marriage and one that had ended when cancer came calling, was strewn behind Alpha. Both of us thought we would never find love again. I didn’t even want to try; I was too damaged.

And then from out of the blue, bump, there was Alpha. We talked a little, and I remember thinking He seemed like a nice man, so friendly and open. So instead of walking away, I hesitated, and we talked a little more.

Over the course of a few weeks, we became friends. And I found myself liking this sweet, funny man I had stumbled across…then more than liking. We were so compatible it was uncanny

I was the one who made the first sexual innuendo. The rest is history.

We fell in love before D/s was ever mentioned, before Alpha told me He wanted that kind of relationship with me. I loved Him, so I listened and learned. And in doing so, found that what He offered, I had been unconsciously searching for all my life.

Alpha is my soulmate. I could no more stop loving Him than I could stop breathing. I told Him not too long ago that He is all that is right and good in my life, and it is true.

Happy December 31st, my Alpha. I loved You yesterday, I love You today, and I’ll love You tomorrow. And if the fates that be and God wills, I’ll love You for all of eternity.


I wasn’t wanting
Wasn’t looking
Wasn’t even hoping…

For love

But I found it

With You

And You gave more…

A shoulder for me to lean on
Strong arms to hold me close
Strength of will to temper my spirit
Knowledge to unlock the fire inside me

A love without conditions

I kneel to You and only You

You are my best friend
My confidant
My soulmate
My lover
My man
My Daddy

You are everything to me

I love You
It’s that simple, and that complicated
Since the day…
You merely traded Your heart for mine