I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

We are music lovers…

Alpha plays drums and guitar, and has a beautiful voice; I, on the other hand, can’t sing worth a flip, doing good just to stay in tune (and play no instruments). But music has always been a big part of both our lives, both before and after we met.

Some time ago, we began sending songs to each other, via links to YouTube videos, as another way of expressing our love and devotion. Early in our relationship, knowing my mistrust of men in general, Alpha sent me “I Would Do Anything For Love” sung by Meat Loaf and Lorraine Crosby. And it became our song.

If you’re not familiar with the words, listen closely. I think every woman, whether in a D/s relationship or vanilla, wants a love like this song enbodies.

In the Woods

So what if Red Riding Hood and the Wolf is cliché

We still love the woods, all night and all day

A mountain cabin is perfect for a retreat

But anywhere can be blessed when your love is complete


Away from civilization, no one around us for miles

We frolic in the woods wearing nothing but smiles

Or we lounge all day long naked in the bed

Fucking this way and that way, and of course giving head


We open the bag with all the adult pleasure toys

For binding, spanking, and orgasmic penetration joys

Yes, every time we go on a vacation trip

It’s always enhanced by our D/s relationship


With kat as Red Riding Hood our tale takes a turn

She’s red with arousal, her body does burn

She fears not her Alpha, she wants him to pounce

And lick up her juices, every last ounce


He pounces and licks, then slurps up some more

He savors the flavor, with sensations galore

By then his wolf stick is needing a sheath

He stuffs it on in… wow, what a relief


“Oh, what a feeling,” she says with delight

“Because Little Red, you’re so fucking tight.”

“If you like tight holes, I have a surprise, my dear

Flip me, and lube me, and fuck my tight rear”


“A grand gift indeed, and one I shall take

I’ll fuck you until you quiver and quake”

“Stop talking, just do it, my body is on fire

Ram it, and slam it, and fill our anal desire”


Once bidden, twice done, pure orgasmic bliss

Doubling the pleasure, there’s nothing better than this

So when kat asked, “Daddy, can we stay another week?”

“Sure, baby, now let’s shower, it’s time for a little tongue-in-cheek”

Dreamer and Dream

Into the room where I did go

Saw kat, my love, with her head hung low

Inside she screams

Cuz’ she has no dreams

While mine continue to flow


Fret not my love, my life, my queen

You hold the best part of the scheme

You do not lose

When you snooze

I’m merely the dreamer—but you are the dream


A dream come true is your part to play

From dark to light my heart you do sway

My only pleasure

My dearest treasure

My cherished beta who loves and obeys


True Love and Valentines

True Love

For most of my life, if you would have asked me if I believe in true love—unconditional love—I would have said, yes; but I would say it’s harder to find than a polar bear in Alaska in the middle of winter in a history-setting blizzard with complete white-out conditions. Continue reading “True Love and Valentines”

Valentine’s Day

No matter how good a relationship, from time to time, wounds from past relationships can rear their viperous heads and one reacts—or doesn’t react—accordingly. Case in point:

A few days ago, Alpha informed me that He had written a post for an upcoming holiday. Somewhat confused, I asked, “You wrote something for Presidents’ Day?”

After telling me that the post was for Valentine’s Day, He made a joke, and started laughing. Though I saw the humor in it, and laughed with Him, I also felt bad for my oversight. I love my Alpha more than I have ever loved a man. How could I forget the holiday of lovers’? I felt terrible.

I apologized, and as I have in the past when explaining why I’m not as demonstrative as He is (though I have been working on that), Alpha told me not to worry about it, that He understood.

He knows my past.

He knows that I married young after getting pregnant, and that my first husband never grew up. He knows husband one never gave compliments, hardly ever gave gifts, and never celebrated Valentine’s Day. He knows husband two was quick with the so-called romantic gestures, but was an emotional abuser. He knows I placed no value on second husband’s flattery and gifts because of the abuse.

Over the course of time, I grew to dislike Valentine’s Day because I no longer believed in the kind of love it celebrated, considered it naïve to do so.

And then Alpha entered my life and showed me that romantic love was real, showed me that people who truly love each other express that love in myriad ways. And He does—daily. I want to do the same for Him, and I try, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me; I have to work at it. And work at it I will because our love is worth it. He is worth it.

Alpha is a good man, kind and gentle, but firm and strong-willed as well. He is a warrior in a world that seems to no longer value warriors. But I do. He is exactly what I need and want. He is my man, my Daddy, my everything.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, a day of flowers, candy, mushy cards, and candlelight dinners; but I don’t need any of those things. I have my Alpha, and He is all I want and need.

He is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Daddy. 💘