Beware the Scam

[Another contribution from JW, while I endure more medical stuff.]

I caution the creative individual
who yearns for artistic acceptance.
Beware the scam, as poison.
Poison corrodes confidence in anyone who trusts:
breeds an over-cautious nature for sowing
in a field that requires daily planting.
It inspires naught, but negativism
where positive thinking must abound.
It deceives with tempting novelties
to stroke the fragile ego, so easily bought:
thus, clouding the artistic soul
which should yearn for the challenge
of perfecting poetry and prose.

And to you, who would scam the writer –
the artist –
the dreamer.
You too, should take heed,
and mend your ways while you can.
For the pen is mightier, as the saying goes,
and time, after all, wounds all heels.