Fashionable or not

[Another contribution by JW: poetry and art.]

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Fashionable or not,
faith in beauty remains as fickle
as the ever-changing fads it inspires.
After all, fashion is merely another persons
opinion of how you should look or act.
Find what makes you happy
and ditch the rest.
Outside or inside,
if your reflection isn’t perfection
you’ve got no right to judge.
And what good is a high IQ
to anyone dumb enough to judge others
by the way they look?
Condemnation of another person’s
imperfections has always been
a sign of simpletons,
no matter how richly they’re adorned.
To those unable to see the beauty here,
come back when you mature.
To iterate; it’s overlooking imperfections
which draws us closer to perfection.
Especially since no one honestly relates
to Madison Avenue:
scars are the “Real Thing”.
Our differences make us special: unique.
Not our similarities, but our differences
which perfectly distinguish us.
Hate me for my differences
and you hate yourself.
Condemn me for my imperfections
and you condemn yourself.
Only by accepting me
can you truly accept yourself


Comfort Zone

She loved Him deep and true

before she ever knew

D/s was a journey she would travel.


Ill-thoughts soon did arise

fearing He may soon despise

when her self-image doubts did unravel.


She knew most men like to look

and her Dom practically wrote the book

visually stimulated: artist with an artist’s eye.


How disconcerting this concern

she even hoped He would discern

her awful embarrassment and why.


Instead, He claimed He’d explore every inch

so she felt it would be a cinch

to die from shame right on the spot.


At the time she did not know

when thinking He might be a so-and-so

He’s the best catch she could ever have caught.


Took her thighs and spread them wide

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide;

He only gazed with love, never with lies.


Every inch He did explore

body and heart, to her very core,

till she saw herself through His eyes.


He knew when taking her from her comfort zone

she’d learn she was no longer alone

free to be she: safe and protected.


With a D/s relationship founded

with unconditional love and grounded

greatly enhanced and forever connected.