The lesser of evils

[An Op-Ed piece: not our standard fare.]


America will continue to decline in all areas as long as the collective social mentality keeps voting on the lesser of evils based on sound bytes instead of sound minds.

Throughout America the best leaders and employees are those with integrity, dignity, honesty, are not self-serving, they work well with others, plus they work hard and get the job done. But this society continually sends the exact opposite to the final political ballots in each party.

The media continues to bombard the nation with the candidates that they can get the most press from; the big names, big money, big egos, big mouths, big scandals, big controversy, with the biggest claims, and outright biggest liars. The most selfish, self-centered political puppets party politics can buy. Status Quo—which is why nothing changes, and nothing ever really gets done.

The party politicians, on every side, spend their terms wasting time fighting each other in press seeking grandstand moves. Not one of them care about this country or the people. If they did they wouldn’t act like infantile children bickering on the playground. They would settle their differences like mature adults, or at least put them on the shelf until the next election in order to get things done during their time in office.

How long will it take before we the people get fed up with the status quo? How long before we get tired of the power elite politics with every party using the closed-door money deals? How long before we have to stop choosing between the lesser of evils because we can’t get a decent candidate on the final ballots? Or at least one that’s not bought and paid for by the one-percenters—the political puppet masters behind the scenes.

In other words, how long before we demand the system goes back to a government of the people, by the people, for the people?


PS: As a disabled vet, I am appalled for having shed blood for a country that has become so corrupted that it no longer cares about the people anymore. Not one party, not a single politician will put the country/the people above their own greed.

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